Pharmagel celebrates 30 years of skin care innovation

Every time you look there is a new product that says it will basically give you the skin of a 10-year-old. From reducing fine lines and wrinkles, to firming skin and diminishing dark spots, we've heard it all and tried many month's salary trying to find the perfect fit.

So why not start out with a company that has been around for 30 years instead?

Pharmagel Nourish Oil

Pharmagel has got to be the beauty industry's best kept secret. Before I did my Mother's Day guide I hadn't heard of them myself and I have spent decades buying gook to battle combination skin.

Here's what I know:

This is the happiest I've been with my skin in over a decade with very little effort to make it happen.

I love their Nourish Oil, which contains Sea Buckthorn - something I have been using a few years now to reduce acne inflammation - and combines it with other essential oils like Argan and avocado to not only reduce inflammation, but softens skin.

I am equally thrilled with their Glyco-8 lotion, which is a special 30th anniversary product. It combines glycolic acid and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate with vitamins E and A which actually softens and brightens skin. It has no greasy residue and does not feel like there is a layer between my skin and the air. I put it on before bed, add some Nourish Oil to zap spots and I am done messing with my skin. I put in on after my morning shower and dust my face with a mineral powder with sunscreen for a light base that can be left as is or dressed up. After about a week of doing this I actually looked in the mirror and said outloud - "I look younger!"

And there's more:

No matter what skin type you have or solution you prefer Pharmagel makes it. Not sure if you'll like it? Check out their travel size options first.

In addition to the Glyco-8, Pharmagel has two other special 30th anniversary editions available - Hydra Cleanse which is a botanical face wash that uses oat extract and aloe vera to maintain skin's moisture and for normal to dry skin the DN-24 Hydracreme, which uses Retinol instead of glycolic acid for the same results as the Glyco-8.

For the entire year they will have monthly special to celebrate 30 years of skin care innovation. Find them online here.



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