'Once Upon a Time' Season 6 finale isn't the end of the show

Most Oncers will delight in the fact that Once Upon a Time has been renewed for a seventh season. The news comes amid the apparent shock of Jennifer Morrison's announcement that she will be leaving the show after Season 6.

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It was already established that if a Season 7 were approved it would be a reset. The story will begin anew with new characters and moving in a new direction. It appears that the only core cast members returning will be Lana Parrilla (Regina), Robert Carlyle (Mr. Gold), and Colin O'Donoghue (Captain Hook).

Many fans are concerned that the show won't be successful without Morrison, but it has also been suggested that the new focus may be on a grown up Henry. It could tell his story as the author. Perhaps he will travel across realms of storytelling like Isaac describes to Cruella in this clip from Season 4:

Henry's travels would certainly open up many new opportunities for various fairy tales and Disney flicks to be explored. As far as explaining how Hook's character would be viable without Emma, especially since they just got married, I've heard two good theories. One suggests that Emma is still around, but elsewhere. Another suggests that Emma dies during the final battle as prophesied and Hook stays to help raise Henry.

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There are so many possibilities, and we'll know more after the Season 6 finale "The Final Battle," which will introduce two new characters that set the stage for Season 7. One of these new characters is described as being a young man, but also a recluse and is to be played by The Walking Dead's Andrew J. West. He also worked on  another one of Horowitz and Kitsis' projects, Dead of Summer. Speculations on the identity of the young man he will be on Once Upon a Time range from an adult Henry to the adult child of Hook and Emma.

The other new character is a young girl who will be portrayed by Alison Fernandez. Her filmography includes Orange is the New Black, Law and Order SVU, and Jane the Virgin. My favorite theory regarding her character is that she is Lilo from the Disney animated film Lilo and Stitch. It would make sense for her to have known Emma at some point in time considering that she too was an orphan.

What are your thoughts and theories about Once Upon a Time's seventh season?

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