Official Doctor Who subscription block service to begin this month

From food, to makeup to clothing, subscription box services have been taking over our modern way of life. With the convenience and sometimes fun mystery of what one will receive in subscription boxes, these type of services make it a lot easier and exciting to get products you are interested in.

Many people know one of the most famous subscription box services, Loot Crate, where it takes a nerdy or geeky theme of the month and subscribers receive a mystery box of items related to that theme which often includes apparel, toys and accessories. The themes usually vary from comic books, to TV shows, to villains and much more. However, there are many other subscription services that cater to peoples' interests. For example, Ipsy caters to makeup lovers and Cat Lady Box clearly caters to cat lovers.

People who love these subscription boxes will be thrilled to know that one of the most popular fandoms in the pop-culture world is getting its own official subscription box. Nerd Box and BBC have partnered up to create an official Doctor Who subscription box, or "block" as they call it. Whovians all over can now receive exclusive Doctor Who items that will be sent straight to their doorstep. Not only are these items exclusive but also collectible. Many people in the pop-culture and "geeky" community love collectibles from their favorite fandoms and with Doctor Who being so popular worldwide this is the perfect block for fans to get to receive the best items from their favorite show. Nerd Block states that this new block will "allow fans of the longest-running sci-fi television series to obtain exclusive and custom-curated officially licensed collectibles featuring their favorite Doctors, companions and characters. Subscribers of the Doctor Who Official Block will receive a range of unique items that will fuel their love of the iconic series and add to their anticipation of upcoming episodes."

Each block is delivered bi-monthly, so unlike Loot Crate which delivers a monthly crate, this box is a bit more exclusive and subscribers can chose from three different delivery options. For one block, the price is $49.99. To get a better deal overall they are also offering two other buying options. $47.99 each for three blocks and $45.99 each for six blocks. The block will be able to be shipped to the U.S., Canada and the U.K.


The new Doctor Who subscription box by Nerd Block and BBC. Photo courtesy of Nerd Block

So if you are a Whovian or know someone who is, then this block is the perfect gift for yourself or someone else. Each block not only comes with exclusive items inside, but the box itself is designed to be a mini TARDIS so the actual box is considered a collectible as well. When you go to purchase a subscription, the website will ask you how long of a duration you want the boxes to be shipped and also a shirt size. So expect some fantastic apparel right off the bat.

With the new season of Doctor Who  just starting a few weeks ago, this block is a perfect and timely item that will really get the Whovian spirits high. To sign up to receive this amazing Doctor Who Nerd Block, click here. The time limit for subscribing ends in a week, so don't miss your chance to receive this block of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey items!

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