Must Watch Music Videos – Future, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons

In our Must Watch Music Videos, we aim to soothe post-weekend depression, wash away FOMO accrued in the last couple days and get you ready to face Monday.


Welcome to’s Must Watch Music Videos. Here, we aim to soothe the post-weekend depression, wash away all the FOMO you may have accrued over the last couple days and get you ready to face the week ahead. On this particular Monday, all of us not in Miami are mourning our lack of attendance at Rolling Loud. But it’s okay. We still have tunes to share – and these don’t come with crowds that need elbowing through.

This week, we are featuring artists from a wide array of genres. Future makes an appearance this time around – so you get a small taste of the weekend’s missed festivities at least. Ed Sheeran’s adorable new video is also on our list, as well as new visuals from Imagine Dragons.

So take a deep breath, get those pants on, grab some coffee and start the countdown to Friday over again. Don’t worry, the music will help you through it.

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