Kid-free wish list for Mother's Day


Now that you are primped and packed, you still need to wake up and stay charged!

Alarm clock from Witti Design

Witti has a really simple to use line of alarm clocks that suit every lifestyle. I am using the Beddi Style, which is a bit smaller without a docking station for my phone since I don’t keep it in my room at night.

Having been a Sony Dream Machine user for 30 years - I got my first clock in 5th grade - changing how I wake up was a bit daunting. But I still had a CD player next to my bed so when Witti offered to send the clock I was a bit giddy with excitement. The clock is set up via an app.The Beddi Style has a small display for the time, a nightlight with custom color combinations, bluetooth connectivity and a changeable faceplate to make it your own. It also has a USB charging port that give me enough stretch to turn on my other side and not strangle myself when I need to plug in my Kindle and a quick charge.

But why is this a gift for Mother’s Day? My absolute favorite part of this clock is the custom alarm settings and NAP button! I said it, NAP. Do it, I dare you.

Portable Powerjade j

Jade Power Boost is a classy and slim way to carry some extra power with you. The quick charging unit with matching cord are great for the busiest mom. Check out my full review here

MeFOTO Tripod

The last thing moms need to do is carry more extra stuff than necessary - but a tripod is necessary! So MeFOTO has a great, lightweight and small solutions - their BackPacker tripod. The MeFOTO BackPacker is a super compact travel tripod that folds up inversely and fits inside most backpacks and suitcases. It's available in several colors and can be used for many different style cameras such as: point and shoot, smartphones and mirrorless.

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