Kid-free wish list for Mother's Day

Dress up and un-mom for a while

Whether you go to work or work for your kids or something in between having something nice without a lot of time to shop can be hard. From clothing to bags to perfume.

Finding clothes you like and fit your postpartum body can be a real challenge whether you gave birth 30 days or 30 years ago.

Stitch Fix

Break out of yoga pants this Mother’s Day with the help with the gift of personal styling from Stitch Fix. Not only will you get a new outfit or a new handbag or statement jewelry, but also a personal stylist trained to find the perfect outfit you never knew existed.

Custom Perfume from Waft

For that rebel beauty. Express your creativity by designing a personalized fragrance with us. xoxo, V.

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HOnestly I think this is even harder than clothes. I mean it’s easier to get lucky in the Old Navy clearance section than it is to find a perfume that smells just right, that doesn’t overwhelm people around you and that makes you feel like the best version of you all the time.

I don’t know about you, but collecting swatches at the perfume counters with kids in tow - or even without - and then having to sniff and test and second guess, is not on the list of a good time. But once my girls got into my collection of Bath and Body works scents I knew it was time to find a grown up perfume again. I had picked up Vera Bradley’s Appleberry Champagne which works, but that still took a trip to the mall and lots of finger crossing that I would still like it in a week.

That’s where Waft comes in. They ask about what you want out of a perfume - work, play, relaxed, sexy, day or evening. Then they ask you what scents you enjoy. Finally, they ask what scents you currently use and what your favorite of them is. I cited Bath and Body Works Butterfly Flower, a retired scent that I love since the Vera scent wasn’t listed.

My custom scent came back Sparkling, Juicy and Cheerful. I love it. And the first best part is you get two accompanying scents - Identifying for when you want to be a bit bolder than every day  and Dare when you really want to glam it up. I like each of those enough to wear them by themselves too.

The second best part of this is that not only can you give a gift of a custom scent, but you can create a custom scent. Whether you know what you want your partner to smell like or you have to snoop through fragrances for hints, creating a scent really says I know you.

Carry your style

I wasn’t a bag person until after I had kids. I tossed my stuff in anything that was pretty at the moment and ran. Now, I have a collection of colors, styles and quantities of pockets. Yup, pockets. Easy to clean comes in handy too for melted candy, dirty tissues and grimy fingers. Check out these styles to carry:

Backpack from Solo NY

I love carrying a backpack when we go out - they fit everything you need. But there are occasions that packing up like a college student just isn’t okay. WIth the Bridgehampton leather backpack you can carry your stuff with a kid on each hip and be the envy of the playground.

The heritage inspired; features beautiful plaid detailing and several inner compartments to keep everything from your laptop, books, sunblock and shades organized and easily accessible. It features:

Fully padded 13.3" laptop compartment
Internal iPad®/tablet pocket
Two front pockets
Tartan blue & tan cloth interiors
Gunmetal hardware
Drawstring closure

Tote from Solo NY

Occasionally I will have to be on the go and carry my computer with me. Mostly with the kids I tuck it into the aforementioned college backpack. But when meeting other professionals I do want to look like them, not a mom. The Madison Tote makes that happen.

It features:

Fully padded 15.6" laptop compartment
Interior organizer section
Blue interior lining
Shoulder strap
Top zippered closure

Crossbody by Joyn

This style is my go-to for when we’re out and about and I need hands - particularly heading to the farms for fruits and veggies to pick. I can carry a bottle of water or two, wipes, bug spray and not have to heavy a load while keeping my hands free.

I love the look of rustic brown leather, but what put this all-leather satchel from Joyn over the top was the Florentine pattern inside. It’s like a secret just for me. Joyn's bags are handcrafted by local artisans in the Himalayas of India, these beautiful bags are one-of-a-kind, useful pieces of art.

Luggage from Eagle Creek

Kid free vacation! I have an amazing sister who has hooked me up with one. So what do you need when you don’t have to pack for your kids? Eagle Creek luggage Pack-It system is the way to go. Start with a main bag, then choose a custom blend of smaller bags to tuck into it. From extra shoes, to a spot for a wet bathing suit, makeup and toiletry tote or even their compression tote to squeeze in the extra outfits you know you don’t need but want to pack anyway Eagle Creek helps you pack all you need and more. And even when you do take the kids, this system helps keep you organized so you can deal with their chaos.

Pair any of these bags with a pen set from U Brands for the ultimate gift! 


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