Kid-free wish list for Mother's Day


Let’s get real for a moment. Once you have kids showering undisturbed for longer than 5 minutes is a luxury. And even when you have the time you really forget what to do with it.

I found a couple of great products for cleansing and moisturizing that are quick and easy to use for even sensitive skin. I’ve tried some products that work well for a couple days and I have a bad reaction, or that work great right away and a week later are a total bust.



They are going to be celebrating their 30th anniversary and their line of products shows their experience and excellence in the industry. They have cleansers, lotions, anti-aging products, but what I want to talk about for moms is their Nourish Oil. Acne comes with motherhood along with stretchmarks and for preventative care  I’ve been using Sea Buckthorn Oil to moisturize and soothe for a few years now. Pharmagel adds other essential oils including  Argan, Grapeseed and Rosemary oils for a special blend that has an extra boost.

True Natural

We slather sunscreen on our kids, we make sure there’s SPF in our makeup and have tried a variety of self-tanning lotions. True Natural is an all natural, gluten free, cruelty free, vegan product that really works. After shoulder surgery I have scars that need to be covered and I was looking for something that wouldn’t reek of sunscreen. True Natural is that sunscreen. I put in on both shoulders, it quickly absorbed and my skin was able to breathe all day.

Their self tanning lotion is equally good for you and the environment. Whether it’s your face, your legs or other parts that don’t see the sun, the lotion is easy to use and creates a pretty glow.

Sahara Rose

Sahara Rose is another line of products but for hair and body as well as face. Their 4-step program cleans, detoxes, revitalizes and shines by using ancient remedies that are free from harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Sometimes with clay masques skin gets dry and breaks out from shock. The lava clay used in the Detox masque gets combined with Moroccan rose water to leave skin clean and soft. Follow it with the Argon oil to replenish moisture and you’ll have soft clear skin.

One of the biggest issues after having kids is your hair. It changes and not always for good. The same lava clay can be mixed with plain water to clear your scalp of build up and brighten your hair.

Hair Remedie

Being a mom eliminates a lot of time for doing hair. But there is one simple step you can take that will end all your hair woes and that's the Hair Remedie frizz eliminating towel. Pregnancy brings us a lot of baggage, and for a while with hair and nails are at their best. But afterwards moms' hair can be brutal. Mine didn't fall out as everyone said it would and the fine straight hair I spent many years perfecting took on a life of it's own with waves and frizz. After one use of the Hair Remedie towel I saw a difference.


You've gotten our mani/pedi, eyebrows waxed, eyelashes done, dressed up, put on the makeup and did the night out. But now that you're home it's time to clean up and the thick layer of mascara is not coming off with the aforementioned baby wipe. Instead of pouring odd smelling goo on a cotton ball and crossing your fingers you don't ruin your eyelash extensions while also hoping not to burn your retinas again, give the Edure Lash organic makeup removal or eyelash cloths a try.

The time and money-saving cloths were created specifically to solve the eye makeup problem, not only for extensions, but all lashes. No more cotton balls, sponges, creams or goo, simply wet and wipe. Rinse them out, use them a few times and toss them in with your delicates (in the mesh bag provided) to keep them bacteria free!

7th Heaven hand and foot masks

With all the extra laundry and dishes children create, plus cleaning up some of the most disgusting messes you can imaging, hands as well as feet take quite a beating.

Lotions, oils, creams they are great, but usually 30 seconds after application your hands are back in the trenches. Or you’ve not had a moment to even think about where you put the lotion much less put it on! Remedy dry chapped hands in just 10 minutes with the 7th Heaven Glove Mask. Slip on the gloves which are already full of lotion made with shea butter, soybeans and pressed roses. Take a mere 5 -7 minutes to yourself and viola, soft hands. The lotion absorbs quickly with no residue so I was able to put it on before bed and days later still felt the affects.

The fingertip and foot masks are equally wonderful and long lasting.

The best part of this one is that it’s available at Walmart, so easy for even the kids to get as a gift for mom!

Pedi Perfect from Amope

While a callus remover isn’t really the most exciting gift to receive, combined with any of the products above it does complete the home spa experience. This battery operated foot file is a great tool for in between pedicures or DIY pedis. The easy grip allows you to take an extra moment in the shower to get your feet smooth. It’s also heavy enough to smack your significant other with for any barefoot in the kitchen comments that come along.

Joovv Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is used to clear skin from problems such as repairing sun damage, reducing wrinkles, healing acne and other blemishes, fading scars and stretch marks, speeding wound healing and reducing joint inflammation.

But ongoing spa therapy treatments can get pricey. So Joovv was created to bring professional strength red light therapy into the privacy of your own home in an easy to use device.

Using the custom hook, hang it on the door that gives the part of your body you need work on the best access, flip the switch and experience the benefits by sitting or standing just a few inches away.

EzClipse Recessed Lighting Covers

EzClipse takes the spa into your own bathroom with easy-to-attach shades for recessed lighting. The shade diffuses the harsh light of recessed lighting, muting it into creating ambiance. No tools are needed. Use them anywhere you’ve got recessed lighting!

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