Kid-free wish list for Mother's Day


Let’s start with the new moms so the rest of us can reminisce and maybe laugh a little.

Okay, you’ve got your registry, you’ve picked out the diaper bag, car seat, bouncer, bottles - all the stuff that overwhelms your house before you even know what to do with it!

Baby Wipes

These are the hidden gem of having children. If you have never ventured into the baby section, or did and skipped to the adorable little socks and ignored the diapers I encourage you to go back and find wipes.

I use these for EVERYTHING. Think about, quickly, what they are intended to remove from babies. Yeah, stop that now. Whether you’ve slopped on your shirt, spilled something stepping on  a Lego, are too exhausted to take your makeup off but really don’t want to sleep in it, need to quickly wipe off the bathroom before guests come without them knowing you just cleaned baby wipes clean it up without the circle of residue laundry wipes can leave or the chemical smell of antibacterial wipes. Grab some with aloe for face and skin.

The WaterPura wipes are a great natural way to keep your kids, you and your home clean. Made in the U.S.A. with no fragrance or oils, they are totally chemical free and use citrus extract as the cleansing agent.


When I registered for this over a dozen years ago my mom was all confused about what it was for. It’s basically a pillow to help support your baby without breaking your back. It grows with baby for napping, sitting and more. The cover is machine washable and changeable.

But what’s new from them since my girls were babies is their stretch mark prevention line. Toss the cocoa butter! I was so sick during my pregnancies the smell of that was brutal and bye the second time around I didn’t bother using it. Boppy’s line is a white citrus scent that is subtle and a bit sensual. You don’t feel like you’re working to prevent stretch marks, but simply lotioning up like before your body became a factory.

Hip Baby Wrap

When I had my girls the Baby Bjorn was the thing to have unless you were a granola mom. Now slings are firmly in style and fancier than ever. The Hip Baby Wrap is a gorgeous way to carry your bundle of joy. Made in India, the slings are a product of Fair Trade. Honestly, I would wear one without a baby they’re so pretty.

I loved wearing my daughter, and it made life especially easy when my 2-year-old was sitting in the shopping cart or needed to lay down in the stroller for a nap. She slept well that way too, having suffered from severe reflux.

Size hangers

Seriously, we love the little size separators in the store and Lucy Darling has the most adorable way to sort the pile of clothing you’ve accumulated and lovingly hung. The dividers come are labeled the same way baby clothes are - and in no way relevant to your baby’s age - starting at newborn and going to 2T. Made in the U.S.A., they are eco-friendly and printed with natural inks.

Detangling Toddlers

The worst part about once kids start talking is that they complain when it hurts when you brush their hair. My girls may have a legitimate complaint, and are lucky their dad is patient and gentle with the brush. Part of the issue was they loved the shampoos with the funky berry scents that did nothing nice to their hair. Hip Peas handles both the problems with their all-natural detangling sprays and shampoos. They also have infant formulas, curl tamers, styling balms and bubble baths that are paraben free to keep that soft skin safe.

Baby washcloths

I returned a few packages after my shower because I had piles of them. I wish I had stashed them away for later use because unlike adult wipes they are the perfect size to wash my face, clean scrapes and more because they are small they don’t drip all over, are easy to rinse out and dry faster.

Gerber covered bowls

I know, weird one. I actually took the ones my mom was going to toss. Once you use them for baby food, because you won’t use them before, they are awesome for portion control, prep bowls and more. I toss herbs in and if I chop too much they go in the fridge really easy. And they only hold about 1.5 scoops of ice cream, the bowl is full and voila portion control! Works for crackers, pretzels and more without counting pieces.

So now you’re prepped for baby with a bunch of gadgets that really work. Now let’s talk about gifts for someone else to get you.

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