'Jane The Virgin' recap- 'Chapter Sixty-One'

Jane the Virgin returned with the newly dating single mother ready to have a fling with Fabian. After talking to her mother over the phone and agreeing to spend time with her before her date, Jane is surprised to see her old friend, Lina. The two have not seen each other in two years and barely connect through social media. In fact, Lina is in town to prepare for her upcoming wedding. They agree to get together, but things are awkward between the two since Lina didn’t call her.

Meanwhile, in prison, Anezka and Petra talk about Scott and how Petra had apparently been in Scott’s room before he died. Petra has an innocent reason for it and Anezka assures her she did not kill her husband. However, there’s video of Anezka arguing with Scott the night he died. Anezka knows she was drunk that night but she does not remember anything else. Petra promises to figure out how to help her.

Jane talks to Xo and Rogelio about her situation with Lina. Then when Rogelio goes to check on Mateo, Xo reveals to Jane she is worried they are moving too fast. Jane encourages her mother to talk to Rogelio before she leaves for her date night.

At Fabian’s, they are watching Netflix but Jane would rather make out and get busy. However, she is stunned to learn that Fabian has sworn off sex until he is in a more committed relationship.

The next day, Alba is frustrated reading a newspaper article about I.C.E. raids before talking to Jane about giving Fabian a chance. She reminds Jane about her numerous failed dates because the guys did not understand her rule about waiting. Jane leaves to pick up Mateo from her dad’s work and has a talk with Fabian about going on another date.

In her office, Petra admits to Rafael it was actually her in the video yelling at Scott. She was trying to get the two split up and get Anezka out of town. But she swears to Rafael that she had nothing to do with the murder and didn’t tell him because it would mess with his parole. Chuck comes to pick Petra up and mentions Rafael’s feelings for her.

At dinner with Fabian, Jane is distracted by Fabian’s looks and tries to wave it off that she is thinking about Lina.

Xo tells Rogelio about wanting to slow down so he agrees to this. Then she ends up telling Alba they are moving in together, which she does not approve of. After getting off the phone, she helps a customer who then turns to a Spanish speaking customer and makes an offensive remark. Alba, Jorge and the woman are stunned and the former apologizes for not saying anything.

Alba vents to Jane about what happened at work and talks about wanting to get something done. Jane suggests she should go through with it so Alba decides to go on a march Jane is going on as well. Mateo overhears them talking.

Lina comes to see Jane, but things get awkward once more when Mateo doesn’t recognize his own godmother. The two catch up, with Lina learning Jane is dating again and Jane finding out a bit about her wedding. Their reunion is cut short when Lina has to go for a cake testing before she leaves the next day.

Jane talks to Rafael about her situation with Fabian and asks how he dealt with dating her. He mentions giving himself carpal tunnel before telling Jane she was “worth waiting for.” When Jane sees him looking at Petra with a longing look, she tells him that he needs to be sure about how he feels since she does not want Petra to be hurt again due to her feelings.

At their next date, which involves dining in the dark, Lina texts Jane and this leads Jane to talking about her again. Fabian says she should go to Lina and talk.

Rogelio is on his way to pick Xo up to see a house but she tells him she is sick. However, he sees her through the window and Alba telling her she shouldn’t move in with him.

Elvis tells Petra and Rafael that Scott had erased something on the missing page. He had mentioned meeting with J.P. and a shakedown. Elvis tells them he will investigate and make an anonymous tip for police. When alone with Rafael, Petra asks if he has feelings for her. Remembering what Jane said, Rafael denies it.

Jane and Fabian go to see Lina and she is stunned to discover Lina had been in town last June. They go to talk and Lina tells Jane that she didn’t know how to be upset about her own relationship around Jane after she lost Michael. Realizing what happened to their friendship, Jane apologizes and they work things out. The two girls end up talking on the bathroom floor and Lina encourages Jane to give Fabian a chance.

Petra is at her suite when Chuck tells her he wants to investigate Pensacola with her instead of waiting on Rafael and the P.I. She agrees to go with him.

Alba is tucking Mateo in but he is upset. Not wanting to talk to her about it, he agrees to at least ask his mom and dad.

With his mom and dad beside him, Mateo asks them why it is some people don’t want his great-grandma in the country. Jane understands his question and explains it the best way she can so he can understand what she is saying. In the meantime, Alba wonders why Jorge won’t join her on the march and discovers he is undocumented. Alba agrees to march for the both of them. After Mateo gets his answers, Jane takes him to go get changed and Rafael gets a text from Petra about going to Pensacola with Chuck and needing him to watch the twins.

Rogelio vents to Alba about her attitude about moving in with Xo before marriage. She doesn’t answer as they walk through the studio lot before he sees a door open and Xo standing there. Xo and Rogelio share a private moment as she proposes to him with her dad’s ring. He accepts.

Jane goes to see Fabian and they end up having a great night together. She talks about her experiences waiting and they give their relationship a shot.

Rafael leaves a message with Petra, admitting he actually does have feelings for her. Meanwhile, Anezka talks to Dennis and learns they are looking for J.P. Anezka exclaims it is “Jerky Pants,” the guy who owns the hotel next door. It’s Chuck, much to Dennis’ shock. We then see an unknowing Petra in the car with Chuck and a gun in the backseat.

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