U Brands pens bring style and class back to your signature [REVIEW]

Here's my thought - we women spend hundreds to thousands of dollars every year on handbags and wallets. They are accessories to be admired. But what about the last time you tried to hunt down a pen in that pretty bag? Odd are you came up with a toss away pen from the bank or doctor's office.

Having a "good" pen went away with having to carry a checkbook, but let's face it, that's really not okay. But for an object that sits and does pretty much nothing most of the time, it's hard to want to invest in a good pen.

This is where the pens from U Brands come in. First off, they are gorgeous. From the packaging to the prints and even the clean solid designs, they make you want to hold them. Second, and just as important, they are affordable. Under $10 for either a 2 or 3-pack of pens is really reasonable.

I am a fan of the Monterey ballpoint pen with the click top. The barrel of the pen is a bit thicker than a generic pen, which is very comfortable. Plus it's got a bit of weight to it that just feels right in my hand.

My daughter grabbed the Catalina Porous Tip Pens to add details to her artwork. The fine 0.7mm point size tip and no bleed ink gave her the look she was going for with ease.

The next time you pull out a pen don't be embarrassed, have a U Brands pen ready! Visit them today and see their whole line of pens, desk accessories, markers and more!

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