Let there be light with OxyLED OxySense T-02 [REVIEW]

No matter how big or small your living space is there is always one nook or cranny that you desperately need more light in. The hallway at night, the basement, the crawl space  - you know what I mean!

For me it's my closet. Double whammy - the attic entrance is IN my closet so there's very little I can do to fix it up. AND I have about 2 feet of space on either end of my closet that is covered by wall - no clue why, and after 16 years, still not at the top of my list to fix.

The biggest issue I have is trying to find something with just a little light, because, of course, my room is at the end of the hall, behind my door, so no adjusting can help me when my husband is fast asleep and I need one of at least 6 black sweaters to complete my outfit. I have tried a variety of battery operated lights that either don't work, didn't work for long or never got installed because using my phone as a flashlight was just that much simpler.

So when the folks over at OxyLED asked me to review their light I said sure, no problem. How much worse can it be than all the rest?

It took a bit to get here, so when I got the package I kinda went, what is this? This light is really small. It's a mere 4 ounces and 7.9 x 1.2 x 1.5 inches. Of course, my next thought is how is this going to be a real solution?

Being very skeptical - 16 years later, who wouldn't be - I propped it on the shelf in my closet instead of using the 3M adhesive it comes with. It also has motion sensor technology so you can simply leave it on, which is a huge bonus.

I did some laundry and found it to be pretty cool that it turned on when I opened my closet door. No hassles there. But what did it for me was trying to find a top in the dark while hubby was sleeping and this tiny little thing lit up all 4 feet of my closet! My jaw dropped.

The only issue I had with the unit is that it doesn't come with the four AAA batteries needed to power it, so I had to run to the store. I actually bought cheap batteries to test the lamp out to see if repeated use wore them out. It did not.

Overall, this is the best solution I have had for my lighting issue ever.

For the whole $12.99 it costs on Amazon.com, this is what you get from this light -

  • Sensitivity > 3 meter Distance
  • Sensor Range: 120 degrees
  • 10 LED
  • Light color: Pure White
  • LED life: 50,000 hours or more

OxyLED has other lighting options as well, check them out here so you're never left in the dark - or with on blue sock and one black one!



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