IN FIVE: Interview with Citizen Føur's Josh Levi

He finished in the top 10 on X-Factor in 2013 promising fans number one hits and Grammys, and now Houston-born Josh Levi is back as part of Island Records’ newest boy band Citizen Føur.

The 18-year-old wasn't new to performing when he got picked up for X-Factor, after being turned down from The Voice and America's Got Talent. Josh also has a bit of an acting career, working local productions in Houston as well as having landed a recurring role on Friday Night Lights.

His passion for singing began at the tender age of 5 when he sang for his sister's kindergarten graduation. His reason for singing is simple - to bring happiness to people's lives. And that is something he is definitely doing.

Josh, with Citizen Føur, opened for Sabrina Carpenter on her EVOlution tour this past fall and there's definitely more good things to come, as the band teased yesterday, "getting ready to share some exciting news in the next few weeks. stay tuned...."

Now, we're pretty sure to be a fan of Josh's you already know he's obsessed with the color black and waffles. But here are FIVE things you may not know about him:

Name the one living person you feel you must work with.
Beyoncé Knowles
What's your favorite show to binge watch?
How To Get Away Withhhhhhhh (murder)
If you could be a judge on The Voice, who would you pick for your celebrity mentor?
Alicia Keys
Oddest app on your mobile device?
DMV Genius
Samsung or iPhone?

Check out Citizen Føur's music video for "Testify" which just broke 100,000 views yesterday!

Get more of Josh Levi as well as Citizen Føur:

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