'Girls' season 6 episode 9: 'Goodbye Tour'

Hey girls and guys! Welcome to another recap of Girls the final season. Well, I guess we have to come to the sad realization that this is the second to last Girls recap. You guys may not miss the way I gab and obsess over this millennial phenomenon, but there's no doubt that you will miss seeing our four girls on screen together. These girls have taught us so much about life throughout the years and as a twenty something with hopes of moving to NYC, I think I'm a little bit more prepared for the ups and downs the Big Apple will throw at me. I'd go into detail about the impact this show has on us millennial women, but I'll save that for our last recap.

So, it seems like Adam and Hannah got the chance to say their final goodbyes in last week's episode. Our hearts sunk when they realized that their relationship was over, but we knew that it was time for them to move on. Although Adam and Hannah's situation was resolved, Jessa and Hannah's friendship is still in shambles. Will they forgive and forget? Let's get into this recap to find out!

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The Interview 

In the beginning of the episode, we see Hannah sitting in front of a college dean's desk as she is about to get interviewed for a teaching position. The dean explains to Hannah that she would be teaching seminars on writing for the internet.

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Hannah jumped at the opportunity to teach students about the internet, since she's already a digital writer/blogger herself. It would definitely be a piece of cake for her. After the interview Hannah gets on the train to go home, but to her surprise she gets a phone call. It just so happens to be the dean that she just had the meeting with. She was calling to offer Hannah the position, but at such short notice, Hannah asked if she could sleep on it before giving an answer.

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When Hannah gets home she tells Elijah that she might be taking the teaching job upstate. Elijah totally disagrees with Hannah and tells her that she should stick it out with him in the city. However, she felt that it would be better for the baby, if she moved from the city. 

Let's Just Pretend You Were Invited 

Hannah wants to call Marnie to tell her about her plans to move upstate and take the teaching job, but she keeps ignoring her calls intentionally. Hannah stops by Shoshanna's house to tell her the news, but she is immediately surprised to see that she is hosting a party that she wasn't invited too. Hannah finds out that it's actually Shoshanna's engagement party, which makes her even more outraged about not being invited. Shoshanna's excuse as to why she didn't invite Hannah was that they haven't been hanging out as much, but since she was already there, Shosh said that they could just "pretend she was invited." As Hannah starts to walk around the party, she spots Marnie in the corner of the room. She confronts her about why she had been ignoring her calls all day. Marnie tells Hannah that she didn't want her to feel left out about not being invited to the party. The next person that pops up at the party is Jessa and Hannah is in no way ready to deal with all of that.

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Group Meeting 

Hannah, Jessa and Shoshanna start arguing, so Marnie decides to be the mediator and calls all three girls, (including herself) into the bathroom for a group meeting. She felt it was necessary for the girls to get all their feelings about each other out in the open. The hostility was starting to get really overrated, we agree with you too Marn. Everyone starts to vent their feelings to each other, but Shoshanna takes it to another level, as usual. Shoshanna comes to the conclusion that they are all too selfish to be friends and thinks the whole group meeting is stupid. So she ends up making her exit from the meeting early to be with her fiancé. Shosh, we all know you're going through pre-bridezilla stage and you didn't mean that. 

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The Apology 

After the somewhat helpful group meeting, Hannah and Jessa find themselves standing next to each other at the party. She tries to make Hannah feel better about not being invited, by saying that she was barely invited herself. They start to ask each other about how their lives have been going, since they haven't spoken in a while. After they finish catching up, Jessa reaches for something in her bag and pulls out a white, newborn sized dress. She bought it for Hannah's baby, but tells her that the baby is actually a boy. Then Hannah starts to go on a rant about all the dangerous scenarios that could happen once the baby is born, but Jessa comforts and tells her that she will be a perfect mother. In that moment, both Jessa and Hannah paused to take the emotion in. Then we finally witness Jessa give a genuine apology for everything she put Hannah through. Hannah forgives her almost immediately and says, "It's okay, we were all doing our best."

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We're all Where We're Supposed To Be 

After Hannah patches things up with Jessa, she and her friends decide to let loose and enjoy the rest of the party. As everyone is dancing and having fun, Hannah looks around the room and sees the smiles on each of her friends' faces and she is finally satisfied.

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In that exact moment it seemed as if everything and everyone in Hannah's life were in the right place. The episode ends with Hannah moving into her first actual home upstate and embarking on a new life journey.

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