'Girls' season 6 episode 8: 'What Will We Do This Time About Adam?'

Hey girls and guys! Welcome to another recap of Girls the final season. Wow guys how did we even get here? It is almost time for us to say our final goodbye to our favorite group of gals and I'm so not ready. I am about to tear up now that we only have two episodes left, so I'm definitely going to need a box of tissues for the final episode. We are all dying to know what is going to happen next with Hannah and Adam, after he dedicated his whole entire movie to their relationship! Are they getting back together? Is he going to help raise the baby? What about Benedict Arnold Jessa? So many questions and we can't wait another minute to get into this recap!

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Adam's random realization

 Adam breaks some random news to Jessa. He has decided that he is going to help Hannah raise her baby and get back together with her. Jessa seemed surprisingly calm about it and told him that he had to do what he had to do.

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Hannah and Adam Vol 1.

Hannah visited the local corner store and as she is reached down in the freezer to grab some ice pops she saw Adam standing behind her. He said "hi," and she said, "hey." Then he proceeded to have a random a conversation about ice pops. Hannah asked him why he was there and he said he wanted to talk to her.  Adam tried to get Hannah to go outside and talk, but she was stubborn and said that anything he had to say to her he could say it in front of her buddy Amir (the store clerk). Before he was able to talk Hannah wanted to make it clear that she would not be co-signing on for another sequel to a movie about her and then started to rant about how unrealistic her character was. In the middle of her rant Adam blurted out that he wanted to raise her baby with her and that he missed being with her. He said that when he heard she was having the baby it made him realize that they didn't have any time to waste. He wanted to be there for her as a mother and watch the baby blossom, He didn't want to be away from her any longer.Hannah's facial expression had "I'm lost" written all over it. She paused for a second and said, "I am so confused" then Adam asked if they could go back to her place. Hannah started to consider it, but still seemed completely lost in the sauce. It's ok Hannah we're lost too ...

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Jessa, do you have morning sickness?

We are taken back to Adam's apartment where Jessa is on the phone, pacing around frantically and stressing the cable company to give her all the "elite channels." In the middle of her rant she tells the person on the other end of the phone to hold on, then proceeds to throw up in the toilet. Umm ... what?! This show never fails to surprise me! 

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Hannah and Adam Vol 2.

So remember when I said that Adam asked to go to Hannah's place? Well that happened and a whole lot  more. The next time we see them Hannah is riding him like a cowgirl and this rodeo doesn't require clothing. Also, this had to be the first time in the entire series that their lovemaking was passionate. Awkward, but passionate.

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Ray meets Abigail 

Ray and Shoshanna are sitting outside of the coffee shop arguing about using "air quotes." When out of nowhere,  Shoshanna's old boss, Abigail, spots them. As she approached, Shoshanna tried to warn Ray about how she had a great personality, but never turned off and that she was "a lot." Shoshanna gave Abigail a hug and then introduced her to Ray. She asked them what they were doing on her block. Ray started to tell her that he was there for a business proposal, but Shoshanna stopped him from talking and told him that she didn't need to know all that and she was just asking to be nice. 

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Abigail, Shoshanna and Ray at lunch

Shoshanna, Ray and Abigail go out to lunch. During their get together Abigail and Ray really start to hit it off and bond over things that only they understand. Shoshanna just sat there lost and in disbelief that this was actually happening. 

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Hannah and Adam Vol 3. 

Hannah and Adam are casually walking the streets of Brooklyn, while drinking old-fashioned glass-bottled soda. Hannah looked up at Adam and asked him what made him decide to help raise her baby with her. Adam said he had already knew it deep down inside, but when he heard about the baby he sort of ran to her rescue. Hannah asked him what he was going to do about Jessa. Since he made this very random and impulsive decision. He told Hannah that Jessa should've broken up with him like three months ago and then he wouldn't be in this predicament. Hannah ignored his excuse and asked him what it was like to have sex with Jessa. Adam gave his normal reaction that he gives when he feels that something is too awkward to talk about, but then he told Hannah that Jessa laughs a lot during sex. Hannah started to make fun of Jessa and then Adam sings, "this is why I didn't want to tell you," in a Broadway-like voice. Later on, they found a park bench to sit on and started to reflect on their life and the future ahead. Hannah opened up to Adam and told him that she was a little scared to have the baby. She came up with all of these crazy scenarios that could happen with the baby if she wasn't careful. Typical Hypochondriac Hannah, what can we say? However, Adam comforted her by telling her that he'd be there for her through it all.

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Back to the Old Jessa 

Jessa is depressed because she actually has feelings and is sad that Adam left her to work things out with Hannah. She tried to go back to her old ways and found a random guy at bar to hook up with.  She gave  him the eye, so that he could follow her in the bathroom. They started to have sex, but as he kissed her body she started to cry hysterically. She realized that she could no longer use random hookups to numb her pain. She needed real love.

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Hannah and Adam Vol 4.

Hannah and Adam go shopping for baby furniture. Adam was getting really into it and started telling her that he could build a lot of the stuff for the baby. While he was ranting Hannah started staring into space. Adam noticed and tried to get her attention and brought her back on earth. He seemed so excited about helping out with the baby, but Hannah seemed like she was having second thoughts.

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Ray and Abigail

Ray told Abigail about how Hermie left him his business and he didn't know if he was ready for all of the responsibilities that came with it. Abigail decided to help him with his doubts by having him go around and ask all the Brooklyn residents what they missed the most about the neighborhood. In order to help him get an idea of what to bring to his new business. 

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Adam and Hannah, The Final Chapter

Adam and Hannah sit down to eat at local Diner. While they are there Adam asked Hannah if she thought they should move in with each other to raise the baby. Hannah shook her head and agreed, but you could tell that there was something holding her back from the whole entire thing. Suddenly, in the middle of their conversation Hannah started to get emotional. Tears ran down her face and it is almost like she is trying to speak, but the words wouldn't come out. 

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However, it seemed as if  Adam knew exactly what she was trying to say. After that moment, he asked her what the rest of her night looked like. She told him that she was going to go back home and do some writing and then go to bed. Then he told her that he had to go grocery shopping. After that, they stared at each other like it was the last time they would ever see each other again. I'm sorry y'all, but this really had me in my feelings! The fact that they didn't speak even is what made it so deep!  Adam left the diner and called Jessa. When she answered he told her to go to the window, she peeked out and saw him staring back at her from outside. He asked, "If I buzz, will you let me in?" And Jessa said, "Yeah" and smiled. 

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Ray and Abigail Happily Ever After 

Ray and Abigail ended their date with a carousel ride and an awkward, but cute kiss. Awww Love is in the air. We're happy for Ray!

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