'Girls' season 6 episode 10: 'Latching'

Hey girls and guys! Welcome to the last recap of Girls the final season. So I am sitting here distraught, trying to put it together that I just watched the last episode of Girls EVER. I can't believe I am saying goodbye to a group of actors who completely slayed when it came to depicting the true meaning of adulthood for 20 somethings. I can't explain how many times I've watched this show and said, "This exact thing has happened to me," or "This is literally me." The producers did an outstanding job at creating real-life situations. They understood that real life isn't all glitz and glam, every one fails at times in life and sometimes there is no happy ending. I appreciate the honesty and rawness that was captured in every episode because it showed just how real life is. As a 20-something woman I am so glad to have witnessed a show that not only explained the struggles of adulthood, but explained what it truly takes to transition into womanhood. Everyone has a different experience and it was extremely compelling to see that from the perspective of four distinctive women. Yes, it pains me to say goodbye to my favorite NY show, but seeing them get through their ups and downs, gives me hope for the next journey.

So without further ado let's get into to our last Girls recap ever!

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Hannah and Marnie are sleeping with each other in the beginning of the episode, just how the pilot started. She freaks out when she wakes up and someone is in bed with her, but then quickly finds out it's just Marnie. Hannah asks her why she was in her house, Marnie tells her that she wants to help her raise the baby. She knew it was going to be a lot for Hannah to handle by herself and she wanted to be there to support her. Marnie tries to convince Hannah that she's her true friend and the only one who cares about helping her.

"I'm the best at being your fiend, I love you the most," says Marnie.

Hannah nonchalantly agrees as usual and we time hop to five months later.

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5 Months Later 

Hannah is getting a check up for her baby at the hospital and it is the first time we get to see her little bundle of joy. He is too adorable for words, watch out Saint West! She calls the baby Grovey, we can assume that she probably named him Grover like Paul Louis suggested over the phone that day. Hannah leaves the doctor's room and Marnie is in the waiting room waiting for Grover's results. Now it is confirmed that Marnie kept her word and helped Hannah with the baby like she said she would. 

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Grover won't Latch 

Hannah tries to breast feed Grover, but no matter what she does, he just doesn't seem to want to latch on. She also tries to swaddle him, but seems to have a little trouble. Marnie stops Hannah and shows her how to do it the right way. At this point Hannah is annoyed at how easy child care is for Marnie, when she's not even Grover's mother. 

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Co-Parenting Issues 

Marnie tells Hannah that she wants to go out for one night. Hannah isn't so happy about the idea and declines the offer by saying, "There's no way I could go anyway," alluding to taking care of Grover. However, to her surprise, Marnie says, "Yeah only I would go." Hannah tells Marnie that it wouldn't be fair because she would have to be in the house with Grover the whole night so Marnie gives up on the idea and says she'll go another time 

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Mommy's Home 

Hannah wakes up to her mom in her room telling her that she had been sleep for three hours. She finds out that Marnie called her to the house because she's become overwhelmed with the baby. Marnie accuses Hannah of being immature about the whole situation, but Hannah fires back by saying that she can't blame her for not giving her the experience she expected. Later on in the day, Hannah gets into an argument with her mother about the baby. Hannah feels like she has too much on her plate and believes that her son hates her. She's been trying her hardest to get him to latch back on for breast feeding, but nothing she does works. Hannah's mom tries to comfort her by telling her that she had the same problem with her when she was a baby and that Grover would turn out fine. Instead of taking her mom's advice Hannah thinks her mom is judging her incapabilities. In the heat of the argument, Hannah storms out of the house to go on a walk.

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That was Awkward 

Marnie is having phone sex with on video chat and acting as if he is a airplane pilot. During there creative role play, Hannah's mom walks in on her. She throws her phone on the ground and has probably experienced one of the most awkward moments in her life. Hannah's mom (a.k.a. Loreen) apologizes to Marnie for walking in on her while she was "beating off." However, Marnie explains that, "it's not masturbating if your video chatting." 

Loreen asks Marnie if she was happy living with Hannah and Grover. She says, "I don't need to be happy, because it's not my time and Hannah is my best friend." Then Loreen asks Marnie if she thinks that it would be helpful for her to also be happy while being a good friend to Hannah. Marnie says that Hannah and Grover can't do this by themselves and they need her. Loreen tells Marnie that she spent her whole life supporting her best friend, so much that she had a kid with him. Then she found that the more they were with each the more angry they became. She eventually started to hate her best friend and it was because she didn't want to let him go.

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 Hannah's Walk

It's dark now and Hannah is still out on her spontaneous walk. While she's walking she sees a teenage girl running towards her in tears. She stops her and asks her if she is okay and the girl asks Hannah for a cell phone. The girl had no shoes or pants on and Hannah decide to give the girl her own shoes and pants. So now Hannah is walking around shoeless and pantless. This is why we love her, she is helpful no matter how it looks to society. She can literally care less. She asks her what happened and the girl just says she needs a phone so that she can call her boyfriend, Justin. The girls ends up telling her that she ran away because her mom asked her to do her homework. After hearing her dumb excuse, Hannah asks the girl for her pants back. She tells the girl that her mom could be experiencing other things in life, but she puts up with her bratty ways because she loves her. When the young girl hears this she runs back home with Hannah's pants and shoes still on.  

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Hannah returns home and sits on her front porch with Marnie and her mother as if she didn't have an argument with either of them early in the day. She asks for Grover and they tell her he was upstairs in his room asleep. Suddenly, she hears him crying and at first Marnie gets up to go get him, but Hannah stops her and tells her that she can go get him. Hannah goes up stairs and holds him in here arms to comfort him. She attempts to breast feed him once again, he fusses for a little while but finally latches onto her breast. 

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And that's the end!!! The last and final episode ever!!! I think this ending says a lot. It shows us that no matter how many ups and downs Hannah goes through in life, she'll always make it out okay. She will be the most perfectly imperfect mother and will always be loved by her son. So long Hannah and the gang you will all be truly missed!

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