'Criminal Minds:' Top 10 moments from 'Hell's Kitchen'

On the last episode of Criminal Minds, the team looked into the murders of young women in New York. Their killer appears to be draining his victims of blood and his latest victim is still in his grasp. Because they do not have any ways of finding their killer, they are having trouble with a profile as they also try to get information from the missing girl’s parents.

When they find out the girl had secretly gone to Hell’s Kitchen without her mother knowing, this leads them security footage that could help them find her. As the team is busy with the case, we also see how Spencer is holding up in prison.

After a visit from Rossi is interrupted due to a lockdown, Reid finds out it is a diversion so he can move the drugs for another inmate. Reid is reluctant to be a part of this and he meets another inmate who claims to know Shaw. Still struggling with his decision, Reid ultimately does something that could have a lasting impact on him personally.

We’re just a month away from the season finale and can only wait for Reid’s predicament to be over. It is just not the same without him! While we wait for the next episode, find out what you missed from “Hell’s Kitchen.”

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