Review for Maryama single 'Where The Mermaids Are'

Iranian-American Maryama studied guitar with rock legends Ardavan Anzabipour and Homayoun Majdzadeh while growing up in her native Iran.  She now currently calls Los Angeles her home, but her Iranian roots could be detected through her well-crafted and unique blend of jazz, soul and world music.

In her music video “Where The Mermaids Are,” Maryama’s intermingling of both cultures produces an fantastical element – an interplay of magic – into the track.  This is evident in the music video as well as the song.  Catchy with faint echoes of the sea in the beat, the music video follows the trajectory of the legends of the Sirens from Greek Mythology.  Hues of reds, blues and purples oscillates in the video.  We see Maryama in turn wander from the sands of the beach to swimming underwater in the ocean.  The soulful territory of the trance-inducing track traces the peaceful scenery of the beach.  The wash of electro pop sounds with an underlying serene melody captures the setting really well.  Maryama captivates audiences with her smooth vocals as we drown in the mesmerizing color and details.  Encompassed by this hypnotizing down-tempo track, you will be set adrift on this dreamy underwater reverie.

“Where the Mermaids Are” is a magnetic song that you can get lost within its tranquil quality.  As you listen to this haunting track, you will be transposed from your immediate surroundings to the beach.  Be ready to be transcended by this hypnotic track as the juxtaposition of beach and soulful beats transport you to an underwater adventure!

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My Nguyen

My Nguyen is an album reviewer from San Diego, CA. She regularly contributes to Her work has appeared in the following journals: Quietpoly, Community Voices, Espresso 1, The Whistling Fire, The Pedestal Magazine, The Straylight Magazine, Baby Lawn Literature, and Conceit Magazine.

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