Review: International Women's Day Scarf Collection

While International Women's Day grows with greater impact each year, it shouldn't just be one day we're mindful of what women bring to the table.

In support of Women's History Month, Ann Taylor spotlighted a group of remote Himalayan women, who have individually woven and dyed scarves.

Furthermore, each woman crafted the scarves using pashmina wool that they had collected. The process of hand-spun yarn makes for each color offered a vibrant history of the women who made them.

I'm loving the subtle tassels hanging loosely at the end of the scarf that add such character to a spring accessory.

As I'm on my way to work, I find myself reaching for the scarf because it easily folds in my purse. I think, like most people, we take for granted how a simple scarf is made.

And as I'm wrapping the Bright Cherry Tomato scarf around my neck, the difference is tangible with how soft it is and how warm it is for a scarf that's not bulky.

When I wear the scarf, I'm proud of the cause it represents, the communities it represents and the specific generations of women it represents.

Courtesy of Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor has launched the "This is Ann" campaign to allow women to be honored for their passion in changing their communities. The brand created Responsibly Ann to give 100,000 women around the world more opportunities in educating them about their health and finances.

The scarves are available in the colors Lady Oxford, Saffron Thread, Bright Cherry Tomato and Electric Pink. Shop the Village Ways Wool Scarf on the Ann Taylor website.

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