Pete Davidson reveals sobriety on return to 'SNL'

Pete Davidson has returned to Saturday Night Live after a long hiatus in an attempt to get clean. In his returning sketch, he reveals his sobriety from alcohol and drugs.

Davidson's segment on SNL's "Weekend Update" poked fun at Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, whom he equates to his substance abuse and sobriety, by quipping"All the Republicans wanted Paul Ryan to come up with something to replace Obamacare, and now that he did, everybody hates it. I know what this is like because for years people have been asking me to quit drugs and get sober. And now that I have, everyone thinks I’m unfunny and boring."

Jokes aside, Davidson's sobriety has him feeling happy now.

He took to Instagram to share still from his segment featuring a photo of Paul Ryan with the caption, "Good to be back and s**tting on dudes like this." And in another post Davidson wrote, "I'm all smiles," next to a black and white still from his SNL sketch, where he is smiling at something off camera.

Davidson, who had been abusing various substances such as alcohol, marijuana and mushrooms claims to be "happy and sober for the first time in 8 years." Last week, he revealed he got help for his substance abuse issues  and posted a photo to Instagram of him grabbing a coffee writing, "Its nice to be back in action" regarding his absence from social media and SNL.

The full "Weekend Update" sketch from SNL can be see below:

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