Music Review: Shallow Side 'One' album

Shallow Side's newest album One dropped in January of this year, making it their second full-length album release.

Not much information could be sought about this band even on their own site, but listening to One would give listeners the impression they are from a state that hails from farmlands more than big cities. Their blend of country and rock makes for a radio-friendly listening experience that ultimately sounds generic, despite the clear talents of the vocalist and the band.

The six tracks from their new album mostly pose the same sound for each one; they start out promising then lead into what sounds like any other forgettable pop rock song on the radio these days. “Rebel” and “Renegade” are the singles from this album for which Shallow Side has recently put out music videos.

The song “Rebel,” in particular, stands out from the rest as being worse than the others, due to its "begging to call me a wannabe rockstar," which tries too hard on the lyrics. The song and its content are full of power and it is still enjoyable as a reckless, rocking party tune if that's all someone is looking for, but don't take the lyrics too seriously.

“Renegade” has a more serious vibe, but still a good, rocking sound, and is a step up from their aforementioned single.

Another track off One, titled “Fight or Flight,” sounds reminiscent of a lot of rock bands these days, in a good way because the sound is enjoyable and popular, but also in a negative sense that it sounds like everything else. This song, however, does showcase the vocalist's broad talent and range, giving the track some impact and resonance.

Overall, One is a simple rock album that has nothing to set it apart from every other rock album these days, there's nothing overly special about the sound. However, it could still provide an enjoyable listen for many people. Shallow Side clearly has musical talent, and it would be far more interesting to see them broaden their sound and explore other styles that would differentiate them from other bands.

Music videos from “Renegade” and “Rebel” can be seen below.

Listener discretion is advised due to profanity.

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