Jennifer Lopez sued for lack of promotion of hoverboards on social media

Jennifer Lopez is being sued by Sidekick Group for failure to promote the companies hoverboards on her social media as agreed upon.

Under a contractual agreement that began in late 2015, Lopez was given 42 custom hoverboards by Sidekick Group for her Planet Hollywood show in Las Vegas if she promoted the product on her social media accounts.

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The singer did promote the product once on her Twitter on May 26, 2016, showing a video of her backup dancers using the hoverboards with the caption, "The #AllHave dancers killing it on their @SideKickWheels. Check them out #JLoVegas."

But Lopez has allegedly failed to promote the hoverboards since then. Under her agreement she was obligated to promote them at a minimum of once every three months on either Instagram or Twitter.

The lawsuit Sidekick Group has filed against the singer has requested restitution of $54, 390, the retail value of 42 hover boards that sold for $1, 295 each, at the peak of the hoverboard craze back in 2015 that has since been on the decline.

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