'Girls' recap: Season 6 episode 4 'Painful Evacuation'

Hey girls and guys! Welcome to another recap of Girls the final season. If I could describe last week's episode in one word, it would definitely be AWKWARD. We totally didn't think the episode was going to go south like that, but hey that's why we love this show! I have no idea if that creepy, famous, author guy will revisit this season, but I'm kind of hoping he doesn't. Episode three was all about Hannah, so we didn't get to see what her best buds were up to. However, this week's episode was a continuation of their madness. So without further ado, lets get into this recap!

Adam the Actor 

When we first see Adam he is in a hair salon talking to a lady with a gun in her hand. Not soon after we find out that he's actually filming for a new movie that he is starring in. The director ended up stopping Adam in the middle of an intense scene because she did not like the way he was portraying the character. The two of them get into an argument about his portrayal and he ends up storming off set.


Marnie and Ray Volume 2

These two greet us having sex as usual and can I just say, Marnie has been in a lot of sex scenes lately. Whether it's Ray or Desi, she is always getting hers!


After their raw love making, Ray asks Marnie if she wanted to go out to dinner later that night. Marnie said that she would love to, but she had this "thing" to do. Ray told her that he loves having sex, but sometimes he'd love to just get a couple of beers and talk about each other's day, but that seemed as if it went in one ear and out the other. Marnie went on to talk about whether or not she should take an Uber. Ray sat on the bed in a trance while she was talking ... something's telling me that this relationship is coming to an end soon. 

Coffee Shop Probs

Ray is working at the register and all of a sudden one of his elderly customers starts a conversation with him. It had to do with a train shutting, strictly for homosexuals. Ray looked behind him and saw that a customer was in line and getting antsy. So he cut the old man off while he was talking and told him to have a good day. Once he took the next customer in line he happened to look outside and saw that the old man had passed in front of the coffee shop. Poor old man, all he wanted to do was tell his crazy train story!



Marnie meets Desi at his rehab center that he has been going to for his Oxycontin addiction. She meets with him and his counselor to try to get Desi back to work for her own needs. Outraged by her complete selfishness, Desi blames Marnie for worsening his addiction. He told her that he really loved her, but all she saw was a hot musician. Desi always felt that Marnie never saw him for who he truly was, nor did she care to know the real him. He said that Marnie left him and shut down during the time when he was struggling the most. However, Marnie claimed to have had more stress than him from his own addiction ... crazy right? When she said this Desi and his counselor both stared at her in disbelief. Desi's counselor told Marnie that her narcissism was detrimental to his recovery and she should take a break from seeing him.


The Adam and Jessa Movie

Adam came home enraged and told Jessa that he decided to quit the movie he was in the process of filming. Jessa convinces Adam that he's talented enough to make his own movie. So they start to brainstorm about what his movie should be about.


All About Ray

Ray and his business partner Herm start talking about how sudden the old man's death was this morning. He told him that the old man was just about to tell him an interesting story, but he didn't let him finish because he was working. Herm tells him that maybe he should start choosing the right people to listen to. He told Ray that he was worried about his life choices and his priorities were "cuckoo bananas." Ray gets offended and tells Herm that his life isn't so great, so why should he listen to him. Herm sees that Ray is getting upset so he tells him, "I'm not calling you a waste of space, but just a waste of potential," but Ray just ends up storming off.


Hannah's Possible UTI, But Not Really

Hannah is experiencing pain when she pees, so she thinks she has another UTI. She calls her mom to complain and she tells her to go to the emergency room. Once Hannah gets to the check up room her doctor walks in and low and behold, it's the married man she hooked up with in season three. #Awkward

He starts explaining to her what was wrong and in the middle of his explanation, he blurts out the words "you're pregnant." Hannah looks at him in a state of shock and he sits on the sick bed a gives her a hug. He asks her who the father is and she says it's the water ski instructor ... at least we know the baby will grow up to be hot. The doctor automatically assumes that she wants an an abortion, so he starts to tell her how to go about it. However, to his surprise Hannah asks, "who says I want an an abortion" and walks out of the ER.

Get Away From Me You Traitors, I'm Pregnant 

After hearing the shocking news Hannah walks into her apartment building to see Jessa and Adam waiting for her. They race up to her and ask for her permission to write their new movie about their betrayal. Hannah looks at both of them and says,"you guys should do whatever you want." Once she gets home Elijah asks her about her hospital visit. She fails to mention the pregnancy and lays on his lap with a blank look on her face.

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Ray's Realization

Ray goes to Shoshanna's house to talk about his quarrel with Herm. She convinces him that Herm might have been saying all of that stuff because he wanted Ray to have a better life than him. Ray comes to the realization that he was right and goes to Herm's house to apologize. When he knocks on the door and doesn't get an answer, he decides to let himself in with a spare key. Ray walks in Herm's house and finds him lying on the couch. He shakes him as hard as he can, but Herm doesn't wake up. Ray stops and stares in disbelief. #TearJerker


Wow what an episode! Keep watching on Sundays at 10 p.m. EST and share your thoughts on this week's episode below!

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