Gibb Collective honors their family's legacy on new tribute album

The Gibb Collective, founded in 2016, celebrates the unique voices of the children of legendary artists Barry, Robin, Andy and Maurice Gibb. The project began when Samantha, daughter of Maurice Gibb and her producer. Lazaro Rodriguez, recorded a cover of “New York Mining Disaster, 1941.” The two were so pleased with the outcome that they were inspired to build upon the idea, making it a true family affair. Even though these talented relatives are spread out all over the globe, they were able to come together to pay tribute to the impressive musical legacies of their fathers.

Each of the 10 Gibb family members featured on the album put modern, personal spins on classic Bee Gees tracks. The Gibb Collective took liberties with the songs they chose to put on their first official album, but lines to the original songs can be drawn clearly. Particularly stunning is the title track, “Please Don’t Turn Out the Lights,” which features the eldest of each of the brothers’ kids working together in perfect harmony. Spencer Gibb’s take on “Don’t Fall in Love With Me,” first released by the Bee Gees in 1981, is another standout. His is a folk-inspired interpretation, but doesn’t deviate too far from the foundation of the original version.

“In the Morning,” covered by Samantha and Adam Gibb and Peta Gibb’s “Fool For a Night” are ambitious covers of great originals. “In the Morning” emphasizes the songwriting by shifting into a minimalist electronica melody. Peta turns Andy Gibb’s campy 1978 single into a slinky, almost haunting club track. Both of the covers carry the classic tunes into modernity without distracting from what made the songs so wonderful in the first place.

The first official Gibb Collective album is out April 14, as the world continues to honor the 50-year legacy of the Bee Gees. Check out the album trailer below!

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