Another genre-bending EP from SPiN with ‘Meant to Rise’ [Review]

On Jan. 20, SPiN debut their new EP, 'Meant to Rise.' These artists continue to defy genre boxes, while delivering a successfully rock leaning release.

On Jan. 20, SPiN released their new EP, Meant to Rise. This Philadelphia-based group’s last EP, entitled My Hysteria, was an eclectic mixture of dark and dreamy tunes. The new record once again defies traditional genre labels. However, it maintains a more cohesive feel, with an overarching rock leaning. This four-track EP is successful – though some listeners will miss the dark edge from previous work.

Meant to Rise begins with the up-tempo “Dig Your Own Grave.” This guitar-forward track contains driving rhythms that will keep the audience moving. With an old school vibe to the vocals, SPiN walks a line here between allure and aggression. Catchy – without tending towards contrived – this radio-ready song is a successful choice to start to the album.

A vintage feel from SPiN

“Go Get it Good” follows second on the EP. Here, SPiN maintains a vintage vibe. Though, it is less of a smoky rock club track and more of a driving around town tune than “Dig Your Own Grave.” While less effective than the first track, it is a solid piece. Next, Meant to Rise takes a slight turn in the title track. Diving into a deeper tonality, a Depeche Mode meets power ballad sensibility marks the cut. Audiences will be hard pressed not to sing along with this track.

Then, in another pivot move, SPiN delivers a cover of “What’s Going On,” featuring Nickey Knoxx. The majority of this track is comparatively quiet and angsty. Knoxx’s rapped vocals create an interesting break. Additionally, the song hits somewhat of a crescendo about three quarters of the way through. Though each of the elements here stands well on their own, listeners are left feeling that the final product was not woven together tightly enough.



Overall, SPiN turned in a strong record once again with Meant to Rise. There is a maturity that permeates their work – no matter the genre. Audiences get the sense that these artists simply play what strikes them, without much regard for maintaining a particular sound. At the end of the day, this may hurt their marketability. However, audiences are disinclined to mind, given that the final product is enjoyable. Listeners will look forward to the next project from SPiN.

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