Valentine's Day gifts for Foodies

Better Than Sex


When I mean better than sex, some of these items can be used to make your sex life more interesting.  IT’SUGAR offers some suggestive gift items to make Valentine’s Day sweeter and sexier simultaneously. Whether you want to try an Edible G-String or Candy Bra, or Lovers Body Pen Set or go for the Sweethearts “Dream Big” candy box.  And, if you want something more naughty, IT’SUGAR has got you covered.  Also, if you have a friend having some man trouble, you can get him or her a SNL Dick in a Box and make their day. IT’SUGAR items may be found here.



Unbreakable is a great word to associate with Valentine’s Day.  Hopefully the love you share is unbreakable, but having glassware that is beautiful and unbreakable is quite a feat.  At symGlass, elegant beverage containers are created to look and feel like glass, but they are actually an engineered polymer. These items may be personalized with a monogram or saying, They are dishwasher and microwave safe, so they keep drinks hotter or colder longer. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.  Get your set of symGlasses here.


Whether you want an awesome blow torch for your cooking needs or want to make some fresh whipped cream, WhipIt is the only place to go.  These items came as a surprise, as I never knew how much I needed them before they arrived.  First, playing with fire and making your own crème brulee is a feel-good experience. And then making your own whipped crème is just pure joy.  Whether you want the blow torch or the whipped crème sets, you have a few options.  These products are well-made, and are just such fun.  As it is Valentine’s Day, you can make whipped cream and use it on your partner, rather than on a dessert.  The same should not be done with the blow torch. Find your WhipIt products here.

HEXX Chocolate



If coming in some of the best packaging I have ever seen wasn’t enough, HEXX Chocolate has some of the best chocolate bars I have ever tasted.  This Las Vegas based company specializes in bean-to-bar chocolate from cacao sourced all over the world.  The dark chocolates is made with two ingredients:  cacao and organic palm sugar.  It is so good, however, milk chocolate lovers will not be disappointed either.  Their gift boxes look like books and each chapter contains a different kind of chocolate from a different place in the world.  This is a truly unique experience for chocolate lovers everywhere. Buy your HEXX Chocolate here.

Murray’s Cheese Shop

Murray's Cheese

There may be no food more romantic than cheese.  Murray’s Cheese Shop in New York offers mail order options for those who can’t get to their brick and mortar store but want to have a delicious and sexy cheese experience.  Whether you want to explore cheese by location by checking out a Viva Espana box, La Dolce Vita or the French Connection, or just want to go with a Greatest Hits box, this gift is sure to please the cheese fan in your life.  Of course, they have a special Valentine’s Day Box that has a special assortment of cheese, chocolate and other goodies. Get your box at Murray’s Cheese Shop here now.

McCrea’s Caramel

Flavor Family

Not all artisanal caramels are created equal. While most are pretty good, the bold rich flavors and fresh taste of the caramel from McCrea’s could very well be the best caramel in the world.  They come in gift sets, tubes and individual flavors, but the way to go is to try the Flavor Family collection of traditional and really unexpected favorites including: Dark Roasted Mocha, Ginger Fusion, Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt, Highland Scotch, Black Lava Sea Salt, Tapped Maple, Cape Cod Sea Salt, Classic Vanilla, Deep Chocolate. Buy or find the world’s best caramel here.

Matthews 1812 House


Getting fresh baked treats is a good way to score points with coworkers, friends, family or your sweetie on Valentine’s Day.  Matthews 1812 House is a bakery out of CT that has something for everyone.  The sheer volume of options makes you salivate before placing your order.  They have cookies and cakes and pies and bars and more.  The Duo Cakes are particularly popular and delicious, but the Toffee Cashew Cookies were unbelievable.  You can’t go wrong by ordering from Matthews 1812 House here.

Be Tini

What?  A cocktail that is delicious and only has 25 calories per serving?  Sign me up!  Be Tini is a perfect gift for a romantic night, or may be better to serve with friends if Un-Valentine’s Day or “Galentine’s Day” is more your thing.  This ready-to-drink boozy beverage comes in six flavors: Margarita, Cake, Appletini, Lemon Drop, Tropical Sunset and Pink Cranberry, with the Margarita and Tropical Sunset being amazing.  They are made with high quality liquor. The bottles are beautiful and very heavy.  All you need to do is chill it, open and pour and you have a bunch of great drinks without a having to buy oodles of ingredients. However, if mixing your own cocktails is more your thing, you can do that too and just use these as a guest star.  Be Tini can be found at Ralphs, Vons, Gelsons, Total Wine and find more buying options here.

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