Top 10 songs for your Anti-Valentine’s Day enjoyment

V-Day not your scene? That’s cool. You are not alone. Here we have our Top 10 favorite Anti-Valentine's tracks for the dark-hearted viewers in the crowd.

In just ten sunsets, the ‘day of love’ will commence. Between now and then, we must all endure the town (and everything in it) being painted red – red flowers, red cards, red signs, red decorations and red faces as people blushingly exchange gifts. Not your scene? That’s cool. You are not alone.

In support of all your Anti-Valentine’s Day endeavors, we have compiled our Top 10 favorite tracks for the dark-hearted in the crowd. Roses die, chocolates go bad, but rock lives on. From a little ‘90s pop-punk to some classic rock and headbanging tunes to smooth tracks, we have something for everyone.

Whether you are happily single, going through a breakup, or just plane hate the holiday, this mix is for you. So kick back with everyone from P!nk to Psyclon Nine and Justin Timberlake to Ghostface Killah.

The Anti-Valentine’s Day party is in full swing and we’re waiting for you to join in.

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