'Girls' recap season 6 episode 2 'Hostage Situation'

Hey girls and guys! Welcome to another recap of the phenomenal HBO Series: Girls. Last week we left off with Hannah finding herself again. After getting over the ultimate, girl code betrayal she actually found a mini romance of her own. We aren't sure if her surfer bae will revisit again this season, but seeing Hannah happy was all the mattered. Now, that we're on the second episode it's time to see what all of our other favorite characters like Marnie, Shoshanna, Elijah and Jessa are up to. This is a crazy group of twenty-somethings and we can't wait to see what new adventure they'll be embarking on this season. So with out further ado, lets get into this recap!


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Mardez is Back On

If you're wondering about the title, yes I gave Marnie and Dezzy a couple name and it sounds like some type of South American Island. Anyway, episode two greets us with a Marnie and Dezzy sex scene #classic. We find out that they've been having sex for about two weeks, while Marnie is still in a relationship with Ray. Marnie invites Hannah to a weekend getaway in Poughkeepsie along with Dezzy, hoping it will clarify if her new rekindled feelings for him are real. Hannah feels guilty about hiding all of this from Ray, but still packs her bags anyway because Marnie means everything to her.


Profesh Shosh!

Shoshanna has finally been offered a full time marketing job and we are super proud of her. If you've been faithfully following the series over the years then you would know how hard it was for Shosh to find a job. We know that this is definitely her field of expertise and she just needed someone to give her a chance. Shoshanna visits Jessa, so that they can both wish they're grandmother a happy birthday on her laptop together.


Once they are done Shoshanna tells Jessa she has to leave to get ready for a networking event that her and Elijah are going to later that night. When Jessa hears about the event she automatically wants to go. Shosh is not a fan of Jessa's no-filter personality, so she tells Jessa that the people at her event are so not her "crowd." However, Jessa insists that professional women are her "exact crowd." Here we go with Jessa ruining everything again. 


#WEMN Event

Shoshanna, Elijah and Jessa show up to the networking event titled, WEMN (women entrepreneurs meet up now). As soon as they walk in they pick up their name tags. Elijah sees that his name tag says that he's Shoshanna's assistant, he looks up at her and she tells him that it's all she has to impress everyone. The event just so happens to be hosted by Rachel and Zeva, Shosh's old friends from high school. After Rachel and Zeva welcome everyone to the event, Shoshanna stops to talk to them. She talks with them about their company, Jamba Jeans that she wishes she was a part of. Shosh tells them about her new branding position at Silverhorn and they seem to be really impressed. Everything seems to be going well until she asks them for their numbers so that they can hang out again like old times. However, to her surprise they declined her request. Rachel and Zeva couldn't trust Shoshanna to "re-enter" their lives after she bailed on their spring break vacay to Aruba. Jessa tries to comfort her afterwards, but all Shosh wants to do is leave.


Dezzy's Little Secret 

Dezzy and Marnie pick Hannah up in a red convertible with the top down. They pull up to a quaint, little house in the woods of Poughkeepsie, New York.


Once they get inside Hannah excuses herself to go work on her writing piece in one of the rooms upstairs. She's had enough of Dezzy's crazy antics and wants to shut herself off to the world and write. Meanwhile Marnie finds a jar of what looks like to be white pills in Dezzy's briefcase. She confronts him about it and he tells her that they're just his collection of mints. Marnie doesn't believe his lame excuse, so she keeps bugging him about it. He finally confesses  to her that they are actually his stash of Oxycontin and he's been addicted to them for an entire year. Marnie is in pure shock and realizes that she was unaware that her husband was a drug addict this whole time. Dezzy violently tells Marnie to give him his pills back, but instead she smashes the jar to the ground. She stomps on all the pills while watching Dezzy try to sniff all that's left of them off the floor. Dezzy puts his hands on Marnie and they get into an altercation. She calls Hannah downstairs and they both try restrain him. Marnie and Hannah finally drag Dezzy out of the house and lock him out. Then he punches the window and shatters the glass as if he's Jack Nicholson in the Shining. I'm telling you, all that was missing were words "Here's Johnny!"


Friends Till the End 

After that horrific incident, Marnie breaks down in tears with Hannah by her side for comfort. They both come to the realization that they have no idea what they are doing and know absolutely nothing about life. No matter how hard you try to pretend like you know everything, you're still learning and that's okay. However, if there was one thing Marnie clarified on this getaway, it was that Hannah would always be there for her through thick and thin #BFFL.


Get Out of My Face

Shoshanna, Elijah and Jessa leave the event and are waiting on a cab to take back home. In the meantime, Jessa is eating the finger food she took from the event and trash talking all the women that were there. Somewhere in the conversation Elijah throws a blow at Jessa, alluding to the fact that she stole Hannah's boyfriend. She gets mad at him for bringing it up and then Shoshanna jumps into the argument. She tells Jessa that she couldn't care less about Adam, but she shouldn't blame him for her actions. Shoshanna also tells her that she ruined her life and caused her to lose her friendship with Rachel and Zeva. She said if it weren't for Jessa she'd be apart of Jamba Jeans and already have a super cool life. Suddenly, Shoshanna screams at Jessa and tells her to leave but at first she sits there in shock. She screams, "get out of my face" and Jessa storms off yelling "grow up" to Shoshanna. Elijah backs Shosh up and yells, "Who are you to tell me to grow up!"


The End of the Road

The episode ends with Marnie putting her bags in the red convertible, while Hannah raps Dezzy's bloody hand with a cloth. Hannah picks him up and puts him in the back of the car and they make their way back home.


Will Ray ever find out about Marnie and Dezzy? Find out next Sunday on HBO at 10 p.m. EST.

What did you think about last week's crazy episode? Feel free comment with your thoughts below!

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