Single review for J-Anthony 'It's Official'

Toledo-based singer, songwriter and musician J-Anthony on his debut release of his single and music video for “It’s Official” is mixing pop, rock and funk in a way that it will be easily accessible for a wider range of audiences of the genre.  Consisting of J-Anthony (vocals, keys), Dein Krueger (lead guitar), Will Schuler (drums) and Byron Harris (bass, keys), the track, “It’s Official,” is bluntly about a guy who is unashamed to let the whole world know that he has found his perfect woman.

The song overall is a funky, fun-loving pop-driven bluesy and jazzy outcome.  With electric guitars and a bold rhythm section with the bass, all this provides for some radioactively visionary music.  The catchy pop and funk feel definitely drills in a driving beat.

The music video to “It’s Official” accompanies the track with a rooftop jam session from the band jamming away together.  The following scenes follow the dynamic love interest up the elevator, where she arrives at her destination to get together with J-Anthony.  The next footage shows the two vastly enjoying each other’s company as they share some rooftop/poolside conversations.

The new debut single will be released Jan. 13.

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