Review of Raizer debut record ‘We Are The Future’

On Jan. 20, Raizer will release their debut, ‘We Are The Future.’ This engaging electronic-rock record delivers fascinating and immersive arrangements.


On Jan. 20, Raizer will release their debut album, We Are The Future. The band signed with American label, FIXT, in 2015. Subsequently, these four gentlemen were paired with producer-mixer Sebastian Komor to create their first record. This Russia-based group can loosely be described as electronic-rock – though they touch upon many genres in We Are The Future. This engaging and immersive debut is sure to capture audiences.


The Singularity” opens this album in what feels like an overture. Threads from throughout the record weave together here into one sonic tapestry. A hard-hitting industrial-astral opening, it will snag listener attention from the start.


The second track on this record makes audiences feel as if they have been thrust into a video game. It evokes images of racing through star systems – dodging, weaving and sometimes fighting. A sharp electronic rock feel permeates “Dawn,” with vocals that accent rather than taking center stage.


Having propelled audiences into a new starry realm, Raizer now slows down and brings the vocals forward in “Abduction.” With an almost dub-step sense and rebounding tones that are impossible to sit still through, this track will get listeners moving. Through a strong and driving voice, an overarching story begins to emerge on We Are The Future. A seemingly Twilight Zone inspired tonality marks a standout musical break in the track – which then builds to a new crescendo before suddenly dropping away.


Immersive music from Raizer


There are several highlights throughout We Are The Future. Among them is the album’s title track. It enters with a dark and weighted rhythm, shedding light on the dark side of a tech-infused future. This cut features vocals that range from android-ish to wrung-out and almost mournful, while continuing the story Raizer began earlier.



Another stand out cut is “Fall.” With a charming vocal quality and a hint of the '80s, listeners can almost imagine it on American radio stations. This is certainly a club-ready tune – and the most accessible to audiences outside Raizer’s genre on this record.


“Lonely Star” deserves a mention as well. Something about this track displays a metal-leaning sensibility. However, it maintains a danceable rhythm and accessible lyrics throughout. “Lonely Star” will grab listeners from the start and not let go until it’s over. Finally, closing out We Are The Future is “Far Away.” With a solid hook, strong vocals, a driving rhythm and immersive sense, this is a strong final note to the record.


There is a sense throughout this album that Raizer does not shy away from DJ tendencies. They do not force each track to stay on the same rails throughout. Instead, Raizer changes tone, makes unexpected choices and mixes in new ideas mid-song. Though this technique could go terribly wrong, Raizer executes it well. The result is an engaging and fascinating album full of immersive soundscapes.



Raizer's 'We Are The Future' is available for pre-order at FIXT online.  

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