Review of new Celldweller album 'Transmissions Vol. 4'

On Jan. 27, Celldweller released Transmission Vol. 4 – continuing the futuristic electronic space-scape journey of volumes one through three.


On Jan. 27, Celldweller released a new record, Transmission Vol. 4. Continuing the futuristic space-scape journey of volumes one through three, this newest chapter is full of engaging and unique sonic textures. The designer of this experience is Klayton – who is also the man behind Scandroid and Circle of Dust. Ranging from somber to ecstatic and relaxed to adrenaline-infused, there is something on this record for most any mood.


Transmissions Vol. 4 opens with “You Are Radio Transmission.” Setting the tone for a somehow old school and yet futuristic work, this brief opening track kicks off with accessible but intricate rhythms. With a staticy voice layered over deep resonating sounds, audiences feel as though they have gone below ground. Here, Celldweller immediately thrusts listeners into the world of the record at hand.



On a slightly lighter note, “The Siren’s Lullaby (Heart On)” takes listeners on a journey through seemingly distant environments. With a high velocity sense about this techno cut, audiences are easily pulled along for the ride. Shedding light on the ‘Heart On’ part of the title, rhythms here dissipate into what sounds like a slowing heart beat in the end.


Continuing the record’s momentum, “Pulse Injector” comes in with a combination of steady beats, ambient overtones and quirky textures. Ready for a packed EDM club after midnight, this track is impossible to sit still through. Next, the aptly named “Lifeforms (Mother-32 Version)” presents alien seeming sensibilities. A relatively pared-down piece, it is comprised of resonating tones, twilight zone-inspired sounds and a simple melody – reminiscent of a slightly twisted music box.


An expansive work from Celldweller


Transmissions Vol. 4 continues to present a wide array of moods and inclinations as it progresses onward. Up-tempo and highly techno, “Devil Fish” is sharp and danceable. Meanwhile, “Endless Time (Precious One)” is moderately eerie, with floating and slightly fuzzy vocals. “Gravity Well” Evokes a futuristic organ player – presenting a somewhat classical arrangement, but with a CellDweller spin.


Two highlights on the album are “Lightrider” and “Last Transmission From Titan.” The first contains a mechanic sense, with a fast tempo and intricate melodies. However, it also incorporates an astral and expansive feel. This piece is effective in its seamless complexity. “Last Transmission From Titan,” on the other hand, is distant and full of longing. A dark gem on the album, it is a well-crafted piece, which draws upon subtle static, ethereal tones and pulsing undercurrents.


Once again, Celldweller turned in effective and unique work on Transmissions Vol. 4. This highly textural record describes distant worlds and exciting journeys. Interestingly, it easily sparks audience imagination. The result is a well crafted, immersive and diverse experience.


Klayton - Photo by Celldweller
Klayton - Photo by Celldweller

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