Review for Camille Peruto's album 'From the Sea to the Sky'

With a no barricades rule of thumb to her music, Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter, Camille Peruto’s musical style is filled with dazzling embellishments and a melodious blend of pop, rock and alternative overtures. Peruto has appeared on the stages of Season 14 of American Idol and has opened for Tim Reynolds and Dave Matthews band, among other artists.  She has sold out of all the physical copies of her debut album, Sparrow and not only works on original compositions, but also has a repertoire of over 300 cover songs.

Consisting of Eric Novod (drums), Joe Parella (guitar, machine), Roshane Karunaratne (piano/keys), Erik Kase Romero (bass) and Peruto (vocals, acoustic guitar), From the Sea to the Sky is Peruto’s new album.  On this new recording, Peruto’s flair for composing cozy melodies accompanied by her own charming and crystalline vocals adds a refreshing layer to the music.

The record is filled with clever titles. In tracks like “Crooked Roads,” “Biscuit Moon” and “Row Ghost” the catchy cadences offer a sugary-pop release.  Swathed not only in dreamy titles, the hazy and dream-like, haunting music oftentimes buffer the overtly pop-driven sounds.

Yet in “Let Go” and “Silent Melody” we see an amped-up, alt-rock sound with churning rhythms and a steady backbeat being over ceded by electronic beats.  Although the driving beat really does add a lively flavor to the music, the album wrestles between a more rock-paved sound to oscillating to something more pop.  We see the record fluctuating between the two genres.

Toward tracks like “High Road” and “Set a Sail,” we see a quieter approach to the music.  Intermixed between acoustic guitar and the accompaniment of Peruto’s vocals, the sparse arrangement tidily adds an empathetic layering to the music.  The bare acoustics adds in a stirring vibe and really dives into the mood of the songs without highlighting all the embellishments.

With catchy melodies and a set of songs that range between a pop, alt-rock and folk sound, Peruto’s powerful vocals adds a transcending layer to the music.  The talented songstress imbues her record with her fiery spirit; add in the charming and bare-it-all acoustics and we get some really authentic music going for us. Although the over production happens to saturate the album with a pop feel, the record with Peruto’s strong vocals tirelessly works to introduce listeners to a more multi-genre generated sound.

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My Nguyen

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