Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui posts lengthy letter against Trump's Muslim ban

Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui has written another lengthy post against Donald Trump.

The singer has been extremely vocal about her opposite opinions from the president. However, she has now come forward with a very detailed letter to our POTUS.

I wrote a whole piece about immigration that I wanna publish somewhere better than a twit longer or an instagram caption. This unconstitutional administration and their executive orders cannot silence us. We are strong United and we ARE the people, all of us are humans of the earth. No one deserves to feel ostracized for seeking refuge from war, practicing a certain religion, or because of the specific "terror prone" ???????????????? countries they are fleeing from. He cannot deny humans their freedom, he cannot deny us our voices from standing together and defending the defenseless, he CANNOT divide us by labels. We are strong and we are awake!!! Please donate whatever you can to @aclu_nationwide such a beautiful organization that definitely deserves our dollars more than the current administration. #nobannowall #weareallimmigrants

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"Everything you’ve been taught, everything you know, this nationalism you’ve had instilled in you since you were born here or came here, is all a sham," she wrote. "When we all start to wake up and realize that our comforts are fleeting and more money is never going to save this world, maybe, just maybe, will we be able to return back to the grace of America’s principle values."

It didn't stop there. Jauregui continued and encouraged protesters to fight against President Trump. Stating everyone needs to "come together and let the administration know that we are not going to stand for another Nazi Germany."

She ended her post with a photo from her Instagram. Most people say a picture is worth 1,000 words. But, she decided to leave an incredibly long caption anyway. Crediting the march she attended as "the single handedly most incredible day of my life."

Last, but not least, I leave you with a photo of myself. This was single handedly the most incredible day of my life. For so long I felt so alone and hopeless in my belief in humanity and love and this day proved to me just how wrong I was in thinking I was alone. I witnessed so many powerful women, men, and queer folk alike of all different genders, races, religions, classes, sexualities, you name it..come together for one common goal, equality and justice and peace. It left a fire in my soul that can never be extinguished and a reminder in my heart that my voice can NEVER be silenced. We ARE the people, THIS IS what Democracy looks like. And I will NEVER be silenced by fear or hatred or bigotry or any other infringement on our rights as human beings because we have one sole purpose in this world and that is to LOVE one another and LOVE ourselves and realize humanity's potential. FUCK THE SYSTEM AND THE PATRIARCHY. This pussy will never be grabbed or silenced. I MARCH and fight with my brothers and sisters and I will always be proud of my voice. I hope you are too❤️

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Read her lengthy post here.

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