How to declutter minds, bodies and homes for 2017 without pain

When you just can't part with it

The best thing I found while putting this list together are the quilts from Project Repat. For all of you that hold on to every cherished bit of clothing whether it's concert t-shirts or baby clothes  Project Repat is the way to go. What they do is take any clothing items you want to hold onto and create beautiful new quilts using patches from those items.

The Project Repat story starts in Nairobi, Kenya, where Project Repat co-founder Ross Lohr was doing non-profit education work. After sitting in traffic for 2 hours, he discovered the cause of the jam: an overturned fruit and vegetable rickshaw pushed by a Kenyan man wearing a t-shirt that said “I Danced My Ass Off at Josh’s Bar Mitzvah.”

Best fact ever - Since launching, the company has prevented more than five million t-shirts from being dumped into landfills by upcycling them into quilts.

Credit: Project Repat

And what about  your family photos, but take up a large amount of space? Digital services are a great option and many of them will do the work for you. (I know! Exciting!) helps digitally organize all your nostalgic family photos in a big way already having digitally preserved more than 300 million photos, they are quite the experts.

How it works: Order a prepaid box online, which holds about 1,800 pictures with free 3-way S/H for $145 to help declutter your home from photo snapshots. Orders are scanned and returned in days.

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