How to declutter minds, bodies and homes for 2017 without pain

Re-Style your mind and closet

The Re-Stylists

The Re-Stylists, Beckie Klein and Martina Gordon run an unusual sort or organizing service. The duo, who created the company in 2009, do some un-retail therapy, helping women, and men, let go of clothing items that are holding them back from having the life they want. Whether it's confidence, a promotion, getting the guy or gal, out with the old and in with the new takes on a whole new look.

How often do you rummage through a full closet and find nothing to wear - or worse you don't feel good in what you're wearing? It shows and these ladies can help. While they are based in New York City, they can help cleanse your closet from coast to coast offering virtual sessions with clients. A "clear your closet, clear your mind" session runs from $550-$1100.

How do they know so much? Martina started by making clothes with her mom in her home country of Slovakia. She was discovered by Elite Models and worked in Milan and Paris for major fashion houses. From there she came to New York working at fashion publications. Beckie hails from Florida and was a Ford Model based in New York City. She went back to school and pursued a career in fashion and photojournalism.

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