Review of new single 'Routine' by Alan Walker & David Whistle

Norwegian DJ-producer Alan Walker teamed up with fellow producer and friend David Whistle to create the new electronic dance single "Routine."


Norwegian DJ-producer Alan Walker teamed up recently with fellow producer and friend David Whistle. The result is a new single, entitled “Routine.” Released on Dec. 23, the electronic track does not contain the vocal-heavy arrangements that Walker’s recent “Alone” and “Sing Me to Sleep” do. However, this does not detract from audience engagement. The duo turned out a solid track with “Routine” – defying anyone to hold their young ages against them.


Routine” begins with a throwback vibe. Simple tones and a distorted voice reverberate through the air. However, this track quickly dips into the present, with an engaging combination of sonic layers.

The underbelly of this cut is made of a borderline dubstep and very danceable beat. A combination of acceleration sounds and dreamy space-infused tones weave throughout. The uppermost layer is comprised of peppy and high-pitched notes – acting as a great counterpoint to the rest of the arrangement.


Listeners are not likely to play this track on repeat all night. However, it is certain to get people to sit up – and probably dance. The tune is strong in arrangement as well as personality. Walker and Whistle are sure to receive positive responses to “Routine.”

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