Review of new Elysian Fields album ‘Ghosts Of No’

Elysian Fields recently released their album Ghosts Of No. This jazz-tinged art rock-noir-folk band has once again delivered a smooth and dynamic record.


Elysian Fields recently released their newest album entitled Ghosts Of No. Here, co-composers Jennifer Charles and Oren Bloedow once again deliver a well-executed combination of art rock, noir, folk and jazz music. With Bloedow on guitar and Charles on vocals, these artists are joined by an extensive team of additional musicians that varies widely from track to track. Difficult to categorize, Elysian Fields’ music has always been unique. Their willingness to bring in such an array of musicians is a testament to the breadth of sound involved.

Ghosts Of No begins with “Bird In Your House.” Jennifer Charles’ signature smoky voice is immediately evident in this opening track. “Bird In Your House” contains the folk inclinations that sometimes guide Elysian Fields’ music. Much like poetry with a guitar behind it, this song is pared down and effective.

“Rosy Path” is the second song on this record – diving into the noir sensibilities fans know well. A hint of cabaret marks the instrumentation here, combined with rock-esque percussion. This song somehow evokes images of tango dancers in a smoky hall.

Immediately following is “The Animals Know.” Contemporary dancers everywhere will find it difficult not to move with this track. This well-blended sonic cocktail combines sensuality in vocals, clear rhythms and electric accents. Next, “Cost Of Your Soul” changes up the sound once again, with a clear jazz bent. Listeners can imagine Charles singing from atop the piano during this piece.

Great depth from Elysian Fields

As Ghosts Of No continues onward, the range and depth of Elysian Fields music becomes clear. “Crossrail Drive” loops back to a folk sensibility, while “Mess Of Mistakes” and “Elysian Fields” explore an electronic blues infusion.

In the middle of this record, “Higher Power” is an immersive track. Like Alice floating in the space between Earth and Wonderland, this song keeps audiences suspended in a surreal place. Just afterwards, “Misunderstood” is echo-infused, with an almost dissociative psychedelic tinge to it. Well-placed violin work here amplifies the haunting impact.

Ghosts Of No wraps up with the gentle and introspective “Shadow Of The Living Light.” With sweeping instrumentation and soulful vocals, this track closes out the record on a high.

Elysian Fields have once again produced a unique and fascinating journey with Ghosts Of No. Their explorations are sure to continue for years to come.

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