Lupita Nyong’o performs Salt-N-Pepa classic on 'Lip Sync Battle' (Video)

Lupita Nyong’o dropped it like it was hot on Lip Sync Battle earlier this week when she performed a Salt-N-Pepa classic.

On the Nov.3 episode of Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle, the actress was given a chance to showcase her lip-syncing talent to the world and she did not disappoint.

Nyong’o took the stage in a white tank top and booty shorts, which is quite different from the elegant gowns and head wraps we're used to seeing her in. She obviously was determined to show the audience that she has a different side to her and is more than just a phenomenal actress, as if that isn't enough.

As soon as the beat dropped to Salt- N - Pepa’s “Whatta Man” Nyong’o began to rock her hips from side to side while swinging a sexy bob haircut. Dancers dressed as fire fighters then circled around the “Queen of Katwe” star as she brought the heat to the competition and she really heated things up with one male dancer. Let’s just say, "she backed that thang up” and her pro partner seemed to enjoy it.

But Nyong’o wasn’t the only actress to show a different side on Thursday's show, 45-year-old actress Regina Hall was also up for the competition and came dressed like The Weekend dropping down from the ceiling on a swing while lip singing “Earned it.”

While Regina’s intro and performance was quite amusing, Lupita still took the cake and won belt. She celebrated with a wine shower.

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