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For the very active

Stomp Rocket

Want to get the kids outside and keep them there? Check out the Stomp Rocket. This kid-powered launcher had the kids along the block mesmerized on my front lawn for hours. Plus, the LED lit stomp rockets stand out against the night sky, so they came back to play once it got dark enough.

Space Scooter

Space Scooter is powered by a unique pump & go action – so you can ride with both feet on board! It’s faster and more fun than a normal scooter, and easier and more compact than a bicycle.

Motorola Walkie Talkies

I had these in my back to school guide, but I really want to share how awesome they are and how much my kids use them. It has allowed them more freedom with the 1/2 mile residential range and there's no running home to ask permission, no in and out of the house, they just radio in and done. We've had random children come on and ask what time it is in case they need to get home themselves. I did get rechargeable batteries, AAA are pricey especially when the walkie is left on.

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