President Obama gets put on blast on Snapchat thanks to daughter Sasha

They 2016 election is almost here which means President Obama’s term is coming to an end. Although the world is preparing to say their goodbyes that doesn’t mean that Obama has to stop all of his lecturing and we got a taste of one of those lectures at the dinner table instead of a podium courtesy of Sasha Obama. 

The President claimed to be “trolled“ recently by his 15-year-old daughter. BBC noted that Obama has an infatuation with how new technology works and what’s trending in the world besides himself so he was told that Snapchat was very popular in his daughters' generation and he wanted to know more about it. As the first family sat down to enjoy a meal at the dinner table, Sasha explained to her dad how to use Snapchat. After showing him all of the emojis and face costumes used to express yourself, Obama thought that it was extraordinary how the new generation has come up with creative ways to communicate to one another.

President Obama then fell back into “president mode” giving his family a speech on how interesting social media is. Sasha decided to secretly videotape her father giving a lecture on social media. She sent the video to all of her friends and posted it on Snapchat. It seems that Sasha didn’t need an emoji for this post because she took a photo of herself poking fun at her dad by looking bored.

President Obama made an appearance on  Jimmy Kimmel Live  Monday, Oct. 24, and he shared the whole experience of being mocked by his youngest daughter. Kimmel and the audience couldn’t help but laugh. Obama added that first lady Michelle, “loved it” and Maliah thought it was a “riot.”

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