'Scream' season 2 episode 12: 'When a Stranger Calls'

Well my fellow slasher fans. It looks like its about that time. We have finally reached the last episode. This time the face behind the mask was revealed to us. Before getting into this recap, let's list some of the craziness that has happened in this season. First, we found out that Audrey worked with Piper, then our beloved Jake was brutally murdered by you know who. Then Emma hallucinates murdering her friends and a dozen other people that I can't even remember were murdered. Eli became a suspect and Audrey confessed to Emma so they become friends. We were also blessed with the short-term romance of #ZOAH, but then that was quickly snatched from us (RIP Zoe). Mr. Maddox was murdered and Brooke is beyond devastated then the last thing we see is Emma and Audrey in cop a car together. I'm not going to give away the ending just yet, but that was one heck of a season right? One thing's for sure, we can all agree that Ghostface is quite the entertainer, murderous, but entertaining. Okay, without further ado I will hop right into the last recap of the season. I know its sad, but there's always next season!

On the Run

Emma and Audrey are in the cop car and suddenly they spot Ghostface in the middle of the road. They try to warn the officer, but it scares him and causes him to drift off the road. Everything seems fine until he randomly crashes the car into a wooden pole. When the officer gets out the car to check out the damage, Ghostface rushes up to him and stabs him to death.

Then Ghostface opens the door to the back seat and dangles the knife and the keys to the handcuffs in Emma and Audrey's faces.

They unlock themselves and take off running because they know they are still wanted by the police. Emma and Audrey get to a convenience store and suddenly the cashier tells them that someone wanted to speak to them on the phone. It was Ghostface and he/she said that they had to keep playing the game or he/she would kill another person that they loved.

Movie Theater Hideout

Brooke and Emma decide that the movie theater is the perfect place to hideout from the police, while they think of a plan. Meanwhile, Brooke visits Noah in the hospital to mourn the death of her father. He comforts her, but then gets a call from Emma. He and Brooke are relieved that she is alive, but worried that the police might catch her and Audrey. Emma told them that her and Audrey were hiding out at the movie theater, but warned them not to come so they would not get harmed, but that doesn't fly with them. Brooke and Noah did not want their friends to go through this alone so they decided to wait around with them at the movie theaters anyway.

Back at the theater Emma  calls Ghostface and tells him/her to end this once and for all.

Noah and Brooke showed up, which meant that the whole gang was there. They were all going to stop Ghostface together! I love that they're all sticking up for their friends, no matter what! #FriendGoals

Emma and her friends stand at all the entrances of the theater with weapons and wait for Ghostface to show up. Not to our surprise, Ghostface takes forever to get there, but Emma insisted that he/she would show and told her friends to keep guarding the doors. Of course Ghostface is a diva and has to be fashionably late. Suddenly someone knocks at the one of the doors that Brooke and Noah were guarding. It's Gustavo, he asks her to let him in, but Noah refuses, he did not want to take any chances of letting the killer in. Besides they didn't know who it was yet. Gustavo gets upset and says that Brooke told him to meet her there, then he shows her the text message  that came from her phone. Uh oh that means that one person in this friend group is a traitor. Suddenly everyone hears screaming coming from one of the theaters. Someone snuck into the booth and put on the video that was uploaded to Noah's podcast. You know the one that exposed all the murders, Audrey next to Jake's dead body and Emma's dream journal. Emma immediately ran up to the booth and turned off the video, but then Ghostface showed up in the theater with Noah and Brooke. He/She stabbed d Brooke and she fell to the floor.

Emma tried to shoot at Ghostface, but he/she took off running. She wanted to stay with Brooke until the police came, but Noah urged her to leave before they came and arrested her.

New Suspect

Brooke was sent to the hospital immediately after being stabbed by Ghostface. Emma calls Keiran to find out if Brooke was okay and he tells her that she is in critical condition. Emma gets upset because she thinks she put her friends in danger. Noah gets ahold of Officer Miguel and tries to prove to him that Emma and Audrey are innocent. He showed him the picture of Eli at Will's funeral and told him that he was in town during the murders last fall. Officer Miguel seemed convinced and thanked Noah for the evidence. Good looking out Noah!

Face the Mask

Emma gets a message from Ghostface. It was a video of Audrey chained to a chair and she looked unconscious. The message read "face the mask" and told her to come to the orphanage alone, if she wanted to save Audrey. Emma gets to the orphanage to meet Ghostface. She calls Keiran and tells him that she was about to meet the killer and she couldn't tell him where she was or he/she would kill him. Emma wanted to be done with this once and for all and she didn't want any more of her friends getting hurt. Finally, Emma runs into Ghostface and he/she tries to stab at Emma, but he/she misses. Emma shoots at him/her, but she misses as well. Emma enters a room where she finds Audrey unconscious and chained to a chair. While Emma is trying to wake Audrey up and break her out of the chains, Keiran walks in. How'd he know she was at the orphanage? Emma did not tell him. As Keiran helps Emma release Audrey, Eli limps into the room with a stab wound. He tells Emma that he followed Keiran to the orphanage and he was stabbed on the way there. Eli said that he told the police that Keiran stabbed him. He tried to tell Emma that Keiran was lying to her the whole time. He said that the only reason he came to Lakewood last fall was to stop Keiran. At first Emma does not believe Eli and she shoots him. Emma starts to cry after shooting Eli, but Keiran comforts her. He tells her everything will be all right and she'll feel safe again soon. Suddenly those three words "feel safe again" jogged her memory to when she was on the phone with the killer. He/She told her that she would never "feel safe again." Once she heard Keiran say that, everything clicked. KEIRAN WAS THE KILLER!

Eli awoke and tried to say something, but Keiran shot him.

He explained to Emma that he was getting her back for killing Piper. Keiran and Piper had a secret relationship and when Emma and Audrey took her away from him, he got angry. He pursued Emma so that he could get close to her and then get back at her for killing Piper. Keiran uses Audrey as a threat and puts the chains around her neck. Audrey gets out of his chokehold and wraps the chains around his neck.

Emma finally gets the chance to kill Keiran a.k.a. Ghostface and end this thing once and for all. She points the gun at his face, but at the last minute she decides not to kill him. The police arrive and arrest Keiran. Let me tell ya'll something, I thought the killer was Keiran way back when he started dating Emma. I called it! 

Three Months Later...

It's been three months since the killer was found and Noah has returned back to his podcast.

Everything seems like it could be getting back to normal.

Lakewood has survived two murdering sprees, so how can it get any worse right? Well... maybe it can. Remember when Maggie stuck that letter in the tree nook that her and Brandon James shared? Well she took a trip to the tree and found her note blood stained and stuck to the tree with a knife. Now who could've done that?

Meanwhile, Keiran gets a call while he is in jail. He picks up the phone and guess who it is? Yep, it’s Ghostface. He asks Keiran, "Who told you, you could wear my mask?"

Anybody surprised? I'm not, its never over. There's always another killer out there somewhere.

That's it for Scream season two! I guess we'll just have to wait until next season to see what schemes Ghostface will pull next!

Did you predict who the killer was or were you surprised? Feel free to comment with your thoughts below.

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