Nick de la Hoyde 'Never Gonna Beg For It - The Remixes' EP review

The Never Gonna Beg for It - The Remixes EP features remixes from RIDDLER, Zuzu and JDEL, Kids on Bridges and SERAFIN.

The thing about remixes is that there is always room for interpretation through hands-on collaborations with the artist.  The origins of a track can easily take on many variations with remixes creatively incorporating the mixers’ different takes of an original song.

Sydney, Australia-based singer/songwriter/rapper Nick de la Hoyde brings to the table four unique remixes for his hit single, “Never Gonna Beg For It.”

Hoyde, who has made a burgeoning name for himself in the social media world, cuts out a stealthy portion of that time cultivating the 100,000 views that the official music video for “Never Gonna Beg For It” has garnered.

“Never Gonna Beg For It” is an R&B song that features textured singing and notes of hip hop rippling throughout the track.  “NGBFI” is set in an intimate setting with the singer’s intuitive and hypnotic sound giving specific nods to other R&B singers like Justin Timberlake, Justin Beiber and Ed Shearan. The song blends a variety of sonic sounds, from soul to pop that incorporates a strong hip-hop influence.

For the compilation, Hoyde worked with longtime producer/collaborator Zuzu and JDEL to produce a more hyped version of “Never Gonna Beg For It.”  The Zuzu and JDEL remix starts off on a striking note right from the beginning.  With layers of the chorus overlapping each other, a staccato beat starts in that syncs the vocals into a stronger bass line. This remix takes out the rap elements and has a more R&B feel, as well as denoting a more electronically hip quality.

UK-based Kids on the Bridges Remix for “Never Gonna Beg For It” is mapped out of entirely the lyrics “I can’t hold back” being aired and repeated back and forth.  Viewers will be blasted by the strong dance vibe that straight up seems driven and does not slow down for anyone.  There is a strong clubbing sense as echoes of ‘ahs’ gets pushed through the ambiance of the dance floor intermingled with the “I can’t hold back” lyrics that get overlapped.

For his remixes record, Hoyde collaborates with one of Billboard’s top 10 best-selling artists in the Dance/Electronic Sales Charts.  RIDDLER, who has produced and worked with such major artists like Dillion Francis, Chromeo, Pitbull and more delves into a more Latin-twist with bongo drums and a more eerie and haunting vibe with wind and percussion instruments.  Here, the music is as striking as the singing with intermittently the fading sounds of hooting and special effects like the vocals being altered by auto-tunes, including more ghostly sounds in the background adds a certain depth to the song.  Hoyde’s rapping segment is included here and adds to the haunting element that was previously mentioned.

For the SERAFIN remix of “Never Gonna Beg For It,” this track has a more Industrial feel than the other remixes.  SERAFIN, who was named one of the top 10 remixers of all time for his work with Britney Spears and Parliament, works with a more defined hip-hop attitude, melding the remix with touches of auto-tunes and a rock sound.  The track also contains an Electronic vibe with the vocals giving off a more melodic quality.

Kids on Bridges makes another appearance on Hoyde’s remix EP with a club remix of their own for “Never Gonna Beg For It.”  This remix takes the club element already evident on the original remix and brings it up a notch.  Kids on Bridges brings to the table the intimate elements of the original hit song and hollows it out into a more mechanical sound. Oftentimes, the remix comes away sounding like machines working, but with its disco elements, the reverb echoing alongside waves of electronic beats certainly does wash over listeners.  All of this is unrelenting, as if to say like the lyrics “I can’t hold back” state: that the surge of incoming music was unstoppable.

The RIDDLER Remix Extended version of “Never Gonna Beg For It” is an expanded take on the original remix.  If listeners want to hear more of the original remix, they can get it here in the extended version.  Slightly longer than the previous remix, the track indicates more of a rainforest setting.  Again, here, listeners will feel encased in an intimate atmosphere.

Although “Never Gonna Beg For It” goes through many different renditions, many of the remixes on the compilation leave out Hoyde’s rapping part and mixes in their own version of hip hop, pop and rock elements.

All this is up for interpretation, whether it be nostalgic, memorable, or all out in the atmosphere.

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