‘So You Think You Can Dance’ recap: The Next Generation: Auditions #3

So You Think You Can Dance: New York Auditions

Moving past Chicago, So You Think You Can Dance hopefuls flocked to New York this week, all with intentions of making it to the Academy.

First up were 11-year-old RJ and 12-year-old Jake. The two performed a Magic Mike-esque Hip-Hop routine, impressing the judges with how in sync they were. After some compliments from Nigel Lythgoe and Paula Abdul, the two were sent through to the Academy.

Next up was 12-year-old Latin ballroom dancer, Ruby. The reigning United States Junior Champion in Latin Ballroom, and one of the taller kids to audition, Ruby used her height to her advantage in her routine, adding in some extra hairography as well. Bringing her father onstage for a few more impressive moves, the judges sent Ruby through to the next round.

Following Ruby was 12-year-old Tate. Entering the stage with a contemporary routine, Tate wowed the judges with water-like fluidity in her moves. Mesmerized by the audition, the three unanimously sent Tate on through.

10-year old Valeriya and 11-year old Alex were up next. Presenting the judges with a ballroom number, the two maintained a showy personality, without going too overboard. Performing with maturity beyond their years, the two move on to the Academy.

13-year-old tap dancer Lucas followed the ballroom pair. Starting his routine from the wings, he made his way to center stage throughout. The only criticism Lucas received from Lythgoe and Jason Derulo was to work on his facial expressions. However, he will have plenty of time to work on that, as the three judges sent Lucas though to the next round.

Another ballroom routine, 9-year-old Liza and 12-year-old Joshua auditioned next. With surprising synchronicity, despite their age,  Liza unfortunately doesn’t make it through. Joshua does, however, moving on to the Academy.

Up next was 12-year-old Kai. Basically an adult in a child’s body, Kai amazed the judges with his break-dancing number while being cheered on by his crew. With the judge’s blessing, Kai was sent to the Academy as well.

Following Kai was 11-year-old Jazz dancer, Dougie. With a winning smile and a heartwarming introduction, it was disappointing to see that the dancer was only okay. On personality alone, however, Lythgoe pushed the rest of the judge’s panel to allow Dougie to move on to the next round.

12-year-old contemporary dancer, Olivia, closed out the night. Blunt but talented, Olivia’s greatest strength in her routine was her sheer control. Receiving a standing ovation, the judges sent Olivia through to the Academy, the last of the New York auditions.

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