'Scream' Season 2 episode 5: Dawn of The Dead

Hell0 again my loyal slasher fans! Welcome to another recap of the MTV Series Scream. Last week's Carrie-inspired ending was definitely not what some of us expected. However we should always expect the unexpected when dealing with Ghostface. We now know that Jake is dead, so at least that's a plus. Now we don't have to watch Brooke be made a fool out of when she gets text messages from Jake the fake.

This episode starts off with the whole school in lockdown after the horrific prank that left Brooke bloody and Jake's dead body lying on the auditorium stage. Here's an image, just in case you forgot how that scene looked.

Pretty gruesome, huh? Now that all the students are locked in the building Emma and her friends suspect the killer isn't outside, but inside. Who was the mastermind behind this gruesome prank and Jake' death? Let's get into this recap to find out!

Brooke Finally Steps Into Reality:

Audrey waits in the locker room while Brooke takes a shower to clean all of the blood off of her body. As she waits for Brooke Audrey Whispers to herself, "I should've said something."

Then suddenly Brooke gets out of the shower and starts talking about Jake. She tells Audrey that she had just spoken to him before he died and he told her he would see her that night. Brooke thought it was really weird that he texted her that and then his body came flying out of mid air in the same night. Audrey tells Brooke that maybe it wasn't Jake texting her. Maybe it was his killer. Brooke looked at Audrey in a state of shock, realizing that everything that happened last summer, just might be happening all over again.

Someone is Trying to Plant This on Emma: 

Emma finds Jake's phone in her book bag and she starts freaking out. While she is discovering this Eli is creepily watching her through a book space in the library. Someone in the school put the phone in her bag. Emma and her friends suspect it was the killer. She tries to figure out a way to tell the police how she ended up with the phone. Audrey tells Emma that she should not take the phone to the police, in fear of them not believing her. Emma listens to Audrey and tries to figure out a new plan.

What is Keiran Hiding in His Locker?

The police start to search every students' locker to see if they can find anything that could lead them to finding the killer. Everybody, including Keiran, are freaking out about what the police might find. The cops order all the students to stay away from the lockers, but Keiran says he has to get to his. He says that there is something in his locker that he does not want the police to find. Keiran is able to sneak out to his locker so that he can remove the item. However, just as he opens his locker and takes his book bag out an officer stops him. The officer orders Keiran to open his bag and he finds a handgun.

The police take him into questioning and ask him why he was carrying the gun to school. Keiran said that he carries it for the protection of himself and his friends. Nothing more. The officer believes him and lets him go on one condition. The officer wanted an "in" on some information that his friends may know or he was going to arrest Keiran, so Keiran was left to make the decision of saving himself or Emma. Who will he choose?

Get Rid of the Phone Before it's Too Late: 

Emma and Eli are trying to find a way to hide Jake's phone, so that it won't be connected to her. Elli tells Emma to give him the phone. That way he could hide it and she wouldn't have to worry about it being on her hands. As soon as Emma goes into her book bag to give the phone to him the police come into the library. "Emma Duval, I believe you have something to show us," said the officer. I guess we know who Keiran chose. When the police ask Emma why she has the phone she tells them the phone was planted in her book bag. The officer suspects that the same thing that happened to her last year was happening to her again. After telling the truth the officer lets Emma go.

It's About to be a What? Girl Fight!

When Emma gets back into the library she notices that everyone is staring at her. Of course one of the movie theater pranksters is one of the ones staring Emma down. She walks up to her and asks her why everyone was staring at her. Emma tells her that no one should be afraid of her or anybody in the library. The prankster tells Emma that she was scared of her because everyone around her dies. She called Emma and her whole family crazy and said that there's always one Duval left standing. Emma gets extremely angry and slaps her in the face.

The prankster and Emma get in a fight in the library, but it gets broken up by a teacher. Did ya'll see that slap?

Locked up won't let her out:

After the fight Emma's teacher pulls Emma aside and takes her into a private room, so that she can calm down. Emma apologizes for her actions. However, her teacher tells her that she had just gone through another tragedy and what she was feeling was normal. The teacher tells Emma to wait in the room and calm down while she goes to get help. When the teacher leaves, she locks Emma in the room and walks away with a sinister smile on her face. What's up with this teacher you guys? While Emma is trying to calm down, the phone in the office that she is in rings. She picks it up and who could it be? None other than Ghostface. He/She tells Emma that he/she is coming for her. Emma spots Ghostface outside the office window. She picks up a chair and starts to break the the glass.

When Emma climbs through the broken window, she cuts her arm on the broken glass. Once she's out of the room, she screams, "I'm not going to play your games anymore," into the hallway.

Guilty Gustavo or Nah?

Audrey suspects Gustavo had something to do with Jake's murder. She noticed that he had not been taken in for questioning yet and that he is always drawing creepy pictures of her and her friends.

Audrey walks up to Gustavo and asks him about the drawings. He tells her that it's none of her business, but she snatches his iPad from him anyway. Audrey shows everybody what he had been drawing the whole time.

All the students in the library accuse him of being a serial killer. Gustavo pleads with everyone and tells them that his drawings were just fantasies. Nothing more.

When the students see the drawings they start to gang up on him, while cracking the screen of his iPad. Gustavo's father, also known as Officer Miguel, and other cops come into the library to break up the fight. Officer Miguel finds his son on the floor with a bloody nose.

Free From Lockdown:

The students are finally able to come out of lockdown. When her teacher and Officer Miguel asked Emma why she bashed the office window with the chair, she didn't them the actual truth. She told them what they wanted to hear. Emma played into her "I was just having another one of my hallucinations," act and they let her go. However, she knew that it was really Ghostface outside that window. She just needed to play it cool until she came up with another plan. Well played Em!

Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry?

Audrey sees Gustavo with wounds on his face from getting ganged up on in the library. She feels sorry for him and gets up to apologize. Noah sees that Audrey has left her phone, so he gets curious and picks it up. Audrey tells Gustavo that she was sorry and that she'd pay for his iPad damages. He tells her to stay away from him or he would break something that she loved. While this is happening, Noah quickly puts Audrey's phone in his pocket. You are quite the little sneak aren't you Noah?

Noah Knows:

Noah Struggles to put in the right password to open Audrey's phone. He finally gets it on the last try. Once the phone is open he goes straight into her text messages. Noah finds all the text messages she was getting from Ghostface. The last thing he sees is the video of Audrey in the storage garage, sitting next to Jake's dead body.

Wow, each episode gets crazier and crazier! Make sure you watch next week's episode on MTV at it's new date and time on Tuesday's at 10:00 p.m.

Thought this episode was crazy? Feel free to share your thoughts on this week's episode below!



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