'Once Upon a Time' review: 'Firebird'

"Operation Firebird" was a success in many ways, but as Neal warned Emma in the beginning, things did not turn out as planned. It seems that no one’s plan is working out.

Hades’ plan

Hades approached the heroes for help because he didn’t trust Rumple and Peter Pan to keep their word, and it appears he had just cause. The good news for Belle is that Hades did tear up the contract for Rumple’s second born. Emma and co. had some good news as well, since Hades removed their names from the headstones and told her of a way she could save Hook. It appeared that Hades would do anything for Zelena. She finally gives in to him, and as they share true love’s kiss, his heart starts beating again!

It’s too bad that, by the end, his self-serving nature became apparent.

On a positive note, Henry left the Underworld storybook in the library for the residents to find and figure out their unfinished business.

Rumple’s plan

Rumple and Peter Pan met up with Hades to supposedly trade Zelena for the contract on his unborn child. However, after Hades ripped it up, Peter Pan tried to rip out Zelena’s heart. When that didn’t work, Pan expected Rumple to get him someone else’s heart, namely Robin Hood’s.

I have to admit that I’m stumped as to why that would work for him, and not for Hook. I know it’s a life for a life instead of one person sharing a life, but when Emma tried sharing her heart, Hades told her it didn’t work because Hook’s body was decaying. As yucky as that sounds, it makes sense, and made me think about how nasty Peter Pan’s must be! So, does this mean that if you have a heart of someone who stays in the Underworld that your soul-body becomes real? If so, that would mean that Hook could still come back…maybe.

Rumple did try to wake Belle, but true love’s kiss didn’t work. We didn’t expect it to, but that didn’t make it any less sad. Is there any hope for this iconic couple?

We all knew Rumple did not want to bring Peter Pan back, so it was no surprise that in the end he didn’t. I was just happy that he gave Robin his heart back.

Emma’s plan

Emma tries to split her heart with Hook, but as previously mentioned, that didn’t work. So, she takes Hades up on an offer to quest for the ambrosia that Orpheus used to bring Eurydice back.

I have two problems with this. First, why is Hook asking her if she’s sure it’s true love? If she isn’t sure, what made her think that splitting her heart would work? I know this scene was an attempt to canonize their love as true, but it just felt forced and unnecessary. Second, the story of Orpheus and Eurydice had nothing to do with ambrosia. He convinced Hades and Persephone to release Eurydice because of his unmatched talent in creating ethereal music. The only catch was that he couldn’t look back to make sure she was following him as they left, but as is the case in a tragedy, he did, and she fell back into the Underworld. Ambrosia, on the other hand, was supposed to turn anyone who ate it immortal. I don’t think that’s what Emma or Hook wanted. Your opinions on this matter are of great interest to me. Leave them in the comments section below.

Once Emma and Hook made it into the sacred chamber, they discovered the ambrosia tree destroyed. That’s when they realized Hades was behind it all.

Emma’s flashbacks

In the past, Emma evidently skipped bail, and developed a relationship with the bail bondswoman who came after her. It is apparently when she realized that a mother can give up her child for a good reason, wanting a better life for her child than she could provide. It’s also apparently what later inspired her to choose that as her own career path, at least before becoming the savior of Storybrooke. Finally, it gave us the backstory of Emma’s awesome red jacket, which we now know is her “armor!”

The cool thing is that she bought it from the bail bondswoman’s daughter.

Emma says goodbye

Emma has to finally say goodbye to Hook. In the process they make promises to each other, one of which is that she will leave her “armor” off so that she can love again, freely. I hope she can keep that promise.

Regina’s plan

Regina decided that it would be best if she waited with Charming and Henry for Emma and Hook so they could all return together. Keeping baby Hood in the Underworld longer than necessary, however, didn’t sound like a good idea. So, Regina’s plan included Zelena taking the baby back to Storybrooke with her and Hades. Robin wasn’t too keen on the idea of trusting Zelena, but the sisters seem to have developed quite a bond. Next thing you know, along comes Cruella.

This was the first clue that Hades was not a changed “man” after all. The question remains. Can Zelena be trusted when she must choose between her sister and the heroes who scorn her or her supposed true love?

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