Andy Samberg performs 'I'm On a Boat' with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots on 'The Tonight Show'

The Lonely Island's Andy Samberg stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday for an unforgettable performance of the comedy group's hit "I'm On a Boat." So get your towels ready because it's about to go down during this one.

The Roots, Jimmy Fallon and Samberg all dressed for the occasion in sailor suits for the sing-along with nothing but children's instruments, including drums, xylophones and shaker rubber ducks.

Aside from his performance, Samberg promoted his upcoming film Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, and played a round of Catchphrase alongside model Gigi Hadid and Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals.

Samberg and Hadid teamed up against Fallon and Harper and the first team to win two rounds wins the overall game. Hadid proved to be the most competitive of them all when the timer went off on her round and she didn't understand how they could have lost because Harper, "went on about mic drops for three minutes."

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