'Keeping up with the Kardashians' recap: 'All About Meme'

Social media and miscommunication dominated May 22’s episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

The episode opened with Kylie and Khloe filming a cooking show together for Kylie’s app. At first, Khloe criticized Kylie for choosing to make sliders, because she does not eat red meat. However, she didn’t make a big deal of it and the rest of the show ran without a hitch.

Later, Kim told the rest of her family that Rob had called her the other day, informing her that Blac Chyna wanted to talk to her. Feeling uncomfortable, Kim told Rob that she would talk to Chyna when she was ready. Rob then put himself and Chyna on speaker phone, then left the room. Not sure of what to say, Kim hung up, remaining adamant that she was not ready.

While Kendall, who was in town for the episode, and Kourtney were getting lunch, Kendall got upset when she discovered that Kourtney and Kylie had gone out the night before without inviting for her. She expressed that she felt left out, because she works and lives far away from the rest of her family.

Back at Kris’s house, Kris interrupted Kim and Kourtney mid-conversation to let them know that she had discovered scratch marks on her new driveway, meaning that somebody had driven their car across it. She blamed Kim for this maneuver, informing her that it was unacceptable for cars to be on her driveway. However, Kim and Kourtney ignored Kris, returning to their conversation.

Meanwhile, Rob and Chyna stirred up drama through their respective Instagrams. Chyna, in retaliation to Kylie’s cooking video, left a passive aggressive message on her account. Rob apparently had been posting insulting memes to Instagram, supposedly calling out his family. Kim advised Kylie to ignore it, attempting to call Rob with little luck.

While hanging out with Kourtney, Kim told her that their mother had moved all of the furniture out of Kim’s room, claiming that they belonged to Rob. With only six weeks until Kim and Kanye move out of the house, Kim was becoming frustrated with Kris’s attitude towards them, seemingly blaming them for everything wrong with the house.

At a coolsculpting appointment with Kris and her friend Joyce, Kendall told her mother about how Kourtney and Kylie regularly visit the city without informing her. She appeared unhappy with this fact and told her mother that she had been feeling forgotten.

Later, while working, Kris called Kendall to have her wish Kylie a happy lipstick launch. Kendall became depressed again, expressing that had she known about the launch, she would’ve made time to be there.

While at her friend Jonathan's home, Kim received a call from Kris. Kris informed Kim that there were cockroaches in the house as a result of Kim and Kanye living like slobs. Frustrated, Kim called her mother out for being a liar and called Kanye.

Later, Kris let Kourtney know about her conversation with Kendall. She reminded Kourtney that her sister was sensitive and that it would be nice for the sisters to do something for Kendall while she was still in town.

Continuing the virtual drama, Kylie received a text from Rob, asking if Tyga would like to buy his new house. Apparently, Rob hated the house and wanted to move out. Kylie got defensive for her mother and called him ungrateful for the help he had received.

Going off of Kris’s advice, Kourtney and Kim began to plan a surprise for Kendall: a care package of American goodies and a night in with all of the sisters. They did not want Kendall to feel left out and thought the gesture might help.

Meanwhile, in an effort to surprise her mom, Kim had Kourtney take Kris out to lunch as a distraction. While they were out, Kim moved all of her stuff out of the house and to her vacation home in Bel Air. When Kris came home earlier than expected, Kim told her about the surprise, much to Kris’s excitement. She appreciated Kim’s gesture, letting her daughter know that she loved her as she left.

The Rob and Chyna drama continued when the Kris and Kourtney discovered that the two had taken to Instagram again, posting pictures that ridiculed the food that Kris had bought for them. Deciding this was the last straw when she found out, Kim called Rob and demanded that he apologize to both their sister and their mother. While Rob defended himself initially, he eventually agreed, lightening the mood.

At their girls’ night in, the rest of the sisters let Kendall know that they love her and it was never their intention to make her feel left out. Kendall appreciated the gesture, letting her sisters know that she loved them too.

The episode closed with Rob visiting Kris and Kim at Kris’ house. While his delivery was a tad awkward, he apologized for his actions on social media, letting her know that he appreciated her and everything that she had done for him. Kris accepted the apology and the three enjoyed the rest of their afternoon in peace.

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