There's mama drama on 'Once Upon a Time'

This episode has Zelena, Regina, and baby Hood; Snow and Charming worrying about baby Neal (it’s about time); and Belle, who finds out more than just that she’s pregnant.

Thanks to the deal that Rumple made with the medicine man to save Baelfire all those years ago, Hades has claim to Rumbelle’s baby. Hades uses this leverage to get Rumple to create a portal to bring Zelena’s baby to the Underworld. As fate would have it, Belle was visiting baby Hood when Zelena showed up to kidnap her. Before she could leave, however, Rumple’s portal opened, whisking all three of them down!

Screenshot from OUAT epic Tales
Screenshot from OUAT epic Tales

Now, let’s take a look at this episode, “Our Decay,” via the lovely mothers of Once Upon a Time:

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