'Once Upon a Time' 5x14 recap: top 10 scenes from 'Devil's Due'

Aptly titled “Devil’s Due,” 5x14 focused on Hades more than it may first appear. The key events involve the debt Hades feels he’s owed by our heroes setting souls free, as well as a secret debt that Rumple thought he’d loop holed.

All in all, this episode managed to satiate the impatient desires of many fans, yet leave much unresolved. Emma found Hook, but the rescue attempt predictably did not go as planned. Then again, Neal told her that it wouldn’t. She met Milah along the way. Regina had her own interesting meeting, and Snow helped her find someone. Rumple managed to be helpful, deceitful, bribed, surprised (in more than one way), and back stabbed, though not necessarily in that order.

There were so many good scenes that it was hard to decide which ones to include. So, I decided that I’d recap the episode top ten style. Rather than rank the scenes; however, I will be presenting them in story order. Promos and previews for 5x14 “The Brothers Jones” follow.

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