Bobbi Kristina Brown’s cause of death released

Over a half a year after her death, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s cause of death was released today. The 22-year-old died last summer after being found face down in a bathtub unconscious.

The Fulton County, Georgia medical examiner’s office issued a statement this morning, confirming that Brown died after her face was submerged in water and she was intoxicated.

“The underlying cause of death is the condition which starts the downhill course of events leading to death and in this case is the immersion associated with drug intoxication,” the statement read. “The pneumonia and encephalopathy are more immediate causes which resulted from the immersion and drug intoxication.”

Toxicology reports showed that she used a mix of alcohol, benzoylecgonine (a substance related to cocaine), the anxiety medication benzodiazepines and morphine. “It could not be determined from toxicology tests whether the morphine resulted from heroin use,” the statement read.

The medical examiner’s office said that the investigation into what led to the death is still undetermined. That means officials have yet to decide if her death was due to an intentional act, an accident or natural causes. However, they noted that natural causes can be ruled out, as she was only 22.

The statement came hours after a judge ruled that her autopsy report be unsealed and made public after a media request.

Brown was the only daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. Houston died in 2012 from similar circumstances. She was also found in a bathtub. The singer was 48 years old when she died.

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