‘Shadowhunters’ recap episode 106: ‘Of Men and Angels’

Clary learns the reality of her past on this week’s episode of Shadowhunters.

Clary, Simon, and Jace bring Luke to Magnus for healing. Luke speaks to Jocelyn in his head who tells him to unlock Clary by telling her everything so she can find the Mortal Cup. He wakes and tries to speak to Clary, but the alpha wolf venom creates too much pain. Magnus needs to make a cure to keep Luke from death.

Isabelle informs her mother that the Seelies have broken contact with the Clave because they think Valentine is going to win. Maryse insults her for finding them attractive.

Simon is entranced with Luke’s blood, but is able to hold back and comfort Clary. Magnus needs Jace and Simon to go for ingredients for the potion. He also says he needs Alec’s energy.

Isabelle tells Alec he needs to make up with Jace. Their father, Robert, comes in with their little brother, Max. Robert says they shouldn’t let Clary out of their sight because the whole Shadow World is looking for her.

Alec calls Jace to come back, but Jace says he needs his help first. Alec doesn’t want to interfere with Downworlder business, but Jace says it’s the right thing to do.

Simon and Jace argue on their mission. Simon attacks Jace with a knife, but Jace easily overcomes him. Simon apologizes. Jace asks what happened at the vampire hotel. Simon tells him it’s nothing; he’s just angry.

Alec finds Maryse crying. He talks to her about fighting outside the box and accepting the consequences. He asks what he can do.

Magnus tells Clary about her parents’ past with the Circle. Two years after the Circle formed, Jocelyn started seeing signs of Valentine becoming a monster. He began to break the accords. He was obsessed with purity of blood. He saw Downworlders as their demon halves, rather than their human ones. He saw them as a threat to peace and hated them for having powers he never would.

Isabelle hears her parents arguing about which child to choose. Maryse says Alec will adapt. Isabelle asks what it’s about. Maryse walks off, but Robert gives Isabelle a cookbook as a present. She asks him what the fight was about. He says he wants her to go with him to talk to the Clave. However, the Clave looks poorly on the Lightwood children going rogue. Isabelle says they’ll restore the family name. Robert says it will take a sacrifice.

Clary asks Magnus why the Clave didn’t stop Valentine in the past. He says Valentine fabricated lies about the Downworlders breaking the accords. He tells her that the Clave couldn’t conceive of one of their own going astray. He says once again they’re having trouble seeing Valentine as a threat.

Valentine showed up at the signing of the accords and killed everyone to get his hands on the Mortal Cup. Jocelyn and Luke tried to tell him he was wrong. Valentine fought Luke, dropping the cup. When he went for the killing stroke, Jocelyn threw a knife in Valentine’s back. She then grabbed the cup and ran. Magnus tells Clary Jocelyn stopped being a Shadowhunter to protect her from her father.

Isabelle comes to Alec and tells him that their parents are going to force him into a marriage for a political alliance. Alec is upset and leaves the Institute.

Jace and Simon show up at the dwelling of a black market dealer. Jace tells Simon to stay behind. Simon thinks he sees Camille, and then his own dead body. Jace comes out and tells him to run. A creature comes out the door and Jace kills it. Simon turns and his dead body is gone.

Magnus tries to hold off the effects of Luke’s poison and tells Clary she’ll have to mix the potion when the boys arrive with the ingredients. The magic is more than Magnus can handle until Alec arrives and offers him his energy.

The guys arrive and Clary mixes the potion and puts it to Luke’s lips. He comes to.

Isabelle tells Maryse she will take Alec’s place to protect him, but Maryse tells her she can’t attract a worthy husband. Isabelle leaves in a huff.

Clary thanks Alec for helping. He and Jace make up. Clary thanks Jace for having her back. Simon walks in on their emotional situation. He tells Clary that Luke is asking for her. After she leaves, he asks Jace to tell Clary he has something to do.

Isabelle helps Max with his runes. Maryse asks for a moment with Isabelle. She apologizes for being rough on her. She says that passion makes people like Isabelle dangerous.

Luke tells Clary that he and Jocelyn fell in love and betrayed Valentine, forcing him to become the monster he is. Valentine started experimenting with Downworlder blood injections to become a better soldier.

Valentine asked Luke to accompany him on a mission to battle werewolves who had supposedly killed local farmers. After Luke entered the building, Valentine locked the door and walked away. The fight after Valentine stole the cup was because he had turned Luke into a werewolf. After Valentine ran after Jocelyn, Luke thought she was dead. Luke tells Clary that she’s the only person who can find the Cup.

Isabelle sends a break up note to her Seelie lover. She then gets dressed in an outfit her mother would approve.

Alec has a drink with Magnus. Alec asks why he wanted to see him again. Magnus says he’s unlocked something in his heart.

Clary asks Luke about the box she found in the apartment. Luke says it belonged to her brother, Jonathan Christopher, who died in a fire that Valentine set. In her surprise, Clary accidentally turns the box into a drawing on her pad. Luke says her powers could have been inherited. She tells him she knows where her mother hid the cup.

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